Oh. Em. God. I wonder what it is with former Big Brother contestants and their naked scandals or spin off porn careers. HA! What am I thinking!? The fact that they sign up for a show that films everything the do for months should be heeouge hint.

So the latest is Brendon Villegas from Big Brother 12…you know of “Brenchel,” (Rachel and Brendon). Brendon has been BUSTED for some naughty Skyping with some random girls on the internet…and Rachel found out (and so did the rest of the world). I guess she’s eating her words: “Ain’t nobody gonna come between me and MY man!” Since finding out about the scandal after one of the girls he Skyped with posted a picture, Rachel lost it and starting tweeting the girl to get to the bottom of it (she’s since deleted it). Here are her tweets:

Bitch messed with the wrong girl! Since all this went down, Brendon has gone from the Big Brother House to the DOG HOUSE!

Check out his YouTube video apology / excuse where he cries like a baby. He is suggesting that the girl allegedly threatened to blackmail him if he didn’t send her video of himself.

To see the NSFW photo of Brendon’s “Power of Veto”, click here. So what do you think? Is a “Have” or a “Have Not”?