Big Brother 11: New Cast Announced!


The 11th season of Big Brother premieres on Thursday, July 9th at 8:00pm ET/PT. This year they have a “green friendly” house. They have eco friendly plastic plants and rooms with walls made out of recycled material. Sleeping arrangements: One room is like a VIP room and quite nice. Another is made of inflatable air mattresses and plastic, inflatable life raft type bedspreads, and a third bedroom is one they will be competing to stay out of. It is basically a stainless steel room with nothing in it and with mats on the ground. Lastly, the Head of Household room is their most luxurious to date – it even has a waterfall running down the wall behind the headboard of the bed.

Now, a little about this year’s houseguests…

big-brother-11-bradenBraden – The Hot One
He’s a yummy model / actor and surfs in his spare time. Apparently, he calls himself a fashion icon and designs his own jewlery? Interesting. Needless to say, he’ll be a popular one, and definitely will have have a fling with another cast member.
big-brother-11-caseyCasey – The Goofy One
He’s a married teacher that raps? Seems to me with that earrings in his ear, he’s trying to hold onto his youth, but all in all he seems like he’ll be a “good guy,” someone the others will put their trust in.
big-brother-11-chimaChima – The Exotic One
She’s a sexy, single journalist that will do whatever it takes to win the competition. My guess is that he desperation will show through and she’ll be one of the first to go.

big-brother-11-jeffJeff – The Other Hot One
He’s a single, macho advertising salesmen. He’s into sports and the outdoors, and has aspirations to be head of household mayor of his town. I think he’ll be the one setting up alliances and pushing for certain people like Chima to be voted off.
big-brother-11-jordanJordan – The Sweet One
She’s a naive, small-town girl that is most certainly going to be brought to tears in this game. I think her sweetness is going to annoy the other girls, make her their first target BUT perhaps she’ll be Braden’s fling, which would be smart as that would work out in her favor (in more ways than one).


big-brother-11-kevinKevin – The Blackanese One
I didn’t make that up – he calls himself that because of his African American and Japanese decent. This graphic designer grew up a Johovah’s Witness, but when he left he was excommunicated from all of his family and friends. He is proud to have survived the experience and moved on. He seems like a good contender to get far in the game.
big-brother-11-lauraLaura – The Slutty One
She’s a 21 year old bikini model that uses her physique to get what she wants. Hmm, scratch what I said about Jordan sleeping with Braden. Maybe it will be Laura? She’s apparently extremely temperamental, so the ratings are definitely going to come from her drama coupled with Braden’s looks.
big-brother-11-lydiaLydia – The Edgy One
Short Bleach blond hair and tattoos. She’s been a nanny for some high profile celeb couples, so I think she’ll know how to handle herself in this situation. She seems really cool and I don’t think she’ll put up with any B.S. I’ve decided I’m routing for her to win.
big-brother-11-micheleMichele – The Nerdy One
She has a Ph.D. in Neuroscience – meaning she knows the mind inside out. She seems really sweet and she’s obviously smart, but my guess is she’ll have difficulty forming bonds with the other house guests which will make surviving in the house a struggle for her.
big-brother-11-natalieNatalie – The Latina One
She’s a tough one. She’s a bronze world Championship Medalist in Tae Kwon Do and is willing to do whatever it takes to win this competition. Oh, I think her and Laura are totally going to rub each other the wrong way for sure.
big-brother-11-ronnieRonnie: The Odd One
Um, how do I put this…he looks like KD Lang!? He’s a married man and addicted to video games. I think the others will find him quirky and he’ll find a way to make them laugh and form some sort of bond with them. He is obsessed with Big Brother, so I think he has an idea of how to strategically win this game. Really interested to see how he does.
big-brother-11-russellRussell: The Muscle One
His friends call him Russell the Lovemuscle. He’s beefy alright. He has a brash personality and I think will be quite short tempered in the game. He’s not going to do very well with the backstabbing. My hope is that maybe Russell and Braden work out their lovemuscles together.
big-brother-11-mystery???: The Mystery One
We don’t know who this person is yet. Meh.

My prediction for the final two house guests are Kevin and Lydia. Strong and under the radar. My other prediction is that my prediction is wrong. LOL.

Big Brother will broadcast 3 nights a week starting on Sunday, July 12th (8:00-9:00pm, ET/PT), Tuesday, July 14th (9:00-10:00pm, ET/PT) and the live eviction show, hosted by Julie Chen, starts Thursday, July 16th (8:00-9:00pm, live ET/delayedPT). Check out the Big Brother recap every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on

  • Kodie

    OMG i’m soo pumped, i was just checking the CBS website the other day to see if they had released the cast yet!! They definitely got a diverse group of houseguests this year. And based on that, it’s going to be hard to predict who is going to mesh well with whom. My vote is for Jeff early on, seems like he’s into politics so he could stick around awhile if he wins competitions and isn’t a total d-bag. But i think you made a good prediction in Lydia and Kevin. They look like the type to lay low and let the good looking ones eat the nerds or vice versa and then put on their game faces mid-way through the summer. Soooo Excited, my favorite show forshure!

  • Dan

    I nearly died when I saw the preview for this season! IT LOOKS AMAZING! Damn summer TV!

  • Cristidwn

    Sounds like you would have something better to do then to pick on Ronnie. “Um, how do I put this…he looks like KD Lang!? ” Why would you say that…unless you are attracted to him? I’ve read everything there is to read online about Ronnie and I think that he is another Brainy one. Quit being such an ass. Grow up!

  • That Braden guy did a brief stint on Dante’s Cove and got nekkid:

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