Big Brother 11 Episode 8 Recap: “Jesse’s Into Jesse”


The high school Popular people are not so Popular this time round.

It’s Day 19 and Jordan is the only one left in the Popular clique, Laura having been evicted last week and Braden kicked out before that. Not looking good for poor innocent Jordan. Wretched Ronnie is really to blame for everything and with the way things ended last we, he pretty much sealed his own fate and is going to be the next evicted. Or so we though.

With Jesse HOH for his second time round, immediately Kevin suspects that Ratty Ronnie will be able to convince Jesse to not vote him out and focus his attention elsewhere. WHAT!? Yeah, but he has a point, and low and behold in one of Ronnie’s confessional’s to camera he states that having Jesse with the HOH was pretty much the best case scenario for him, just as Kevin suspected. In addition, Jesse says he feels no obligation to put Ronnie up, and is going to do what’s best for him – even though the ENTIRE house wants Ronnie out.

Out of nowhere, Natalie eagerly wants Casey out. She feels threatened by him having done so well in the challenges lately and discusses with Russell that she thinks he should be put up. She seems to be quite the powerhouse these days – even more so than Russell! Natalie even tells Ronnie he’s gonna be safe this week. Nightmare.

Meanwhile, Natalie and Lydia (especially) have been gaga over Jesse. Love triangle. As Kevin puts it: “Lydia’s into Jesse, Natalie’s into Jesse, and Jesse’s into Jesse.” I’m think Kevin is gaga over him as well (so am I). It’s causing friction and jealousy between Lydia and Natalie to the point where they stopped talking to each other and Jesse is caught in the middle- not like there isn’t enough of him for them both to love.

Out of the loop, Casey, Jordan and Jeff still think that Jesse is still following the plan to get rid of Ruthless Ronnie. They talk to Natalie about it and Natalie says she’ll go find out where Jesse’s heads at. Yeah right. Instead she goes up and tells Russell and Jesse that Casey is saying that Jesse has a huge target on his back and he’ll have an even bigger target on his back if he doesn’t put Ronnie on the chopping block. She tries to get Jesse to focus his attention on Casey.

Not completely confident in his safety, Rotund Ronnie talks to Michele in private and pretty much apologizes to her for turning on her and not being a good clique-mate, but she doesn’t seem like she’s buying. Instead, Michele feels like since she has no close allies or friend in the house, she should talk to the man in control, Jesse, to pledge her allegiance. They talk in the HOH room, along with Natalie. Michele is not very convincing at all and it is the most awkward conversation ever. Jesse even said she sounded like a really bad car salesperson.



Time for the Have & Have Not Competition: Backyard Bash. This time, there will only be one person from each clique participating, excluding the athletes since they are safe AGAIN. Jordan represents the Popular (Duh, since she’s the only one), Chima volunteers for the Brains, and Kevin goes up for the Offbeats. So the three have to drive around in these electric keg carts with beer goggles on, grab giant faux ice cubes and throw them into opposing team members giant cups (that are rotating). If that isn’t tricky enough, this giant keg in the middle starts spraying foam all over them, making it hard to see.

Times up. Time to count the cubes. Twelve for Kevin, eleven for Jordan (thank goodness), and 13 for the Brains (eat slop Chima & Ronnie!! …sorry Michele- you should have stepped up your game long ago). The Brains are the Have Nots for the week. The twist is, thanks to America, they also get cocktail weenies and cabbage. Ronnie is ecstatic.

Time for the nomination ceremony. Jesse: “Jordan and Michele, I’m putting you two up for nomination.” That was it. He didn’t do a speech telling them he respected them as competitors, just simply sending them to the slaughterhouse.

The only hope now is that they can backdoor Ronnie at the Power of Veto competition. We can only hope.