Big Brother 11 Episode 6 Recap: “I’m the Only One Smart Enough To Beat Him”


Last episode left off with Laura and Jeff getting put up for nomination by Ronnie – Burn! This episode opens up with Laura talking to Jordan in private, where she says, “I feel like I’m the only one smart enough to know how to beat him [Ronnie], no offense to you.” She’s totally right. She’s the ONLY one that figured him out and she was right about all of his scheming ways. To camera, Laura says, “I’m pretty sure that I’m gonna give him a dose of his own medicine.” Love it. I love when the one that has all odds against them BEATS the odds. Go Laura! Today is the Veto Competition.

So Russell grabs some wine and goes outside to talk to the other cliques because he feels like he is not connecting with the rest of the houseguests outside of his alliance, which of course could come back to haunt him. He tells them how sick of talking game he is, and just wants to chill. After a while, he goes inside and hears Lydia talking quietly with a couple others. He shouts, “Are we all still talking game in here?!” “No Russell, I’m talking about something personal in my life,” she responds. He then FLIPS out and says he wasn’t even talking to her, yells and screams, similar to when he flipped on Jeff. WOW, anger problems dude – for real. Lydia was left in tears.

Even NATALIE, one of Russell’s closest allies started talking to Jesse about potentially backdooring Russell. Her logic being that he is a loose cannon and they should consider getting rid of him before he explodes and puts a target on their backs as a result. Lydia, victim of Russell’s recent verbal abuse, talks to Ronnie and Kevin also about backdooring Russel as well. Seems like things are looking up and they’ll get Russell out in hustle. Okay that was cheesy, but you get the point. Lydia and Ronnie discuss the strategy with Kevin, and he’s on board with whatever, playing under the radar as usual.

In unimportant news, Jeff & Jordan discuss how Jordan can’t tell time and Casey & Chima watch the Ugly Truth (their reward from last episode) and pig out on candy.

Time to pick players for the Veto Competition. The players are comprised of the HOH, the two nominees, and three others that are drawn randomly. Laura’s worst nightmare would be to see Russell, Natalie, and Jesse selected to play. This pretty much comes true. First name called is Russell, followed by Natalie, then Casey. Laura’s strategy is out the window in her eyes, and she has no choice but to win the veto competition. The host of the competition would be Lydia.



It’s Big Brother Mint. The players have to collect a certain dollar amount within each round. The furthest from the target is eliminated, and the winner has the choice to POTENTIALLY win a $5,000 prize from a money bag at the sacrifice of moving onto the next round and giving up Veto. There are three Big Brother money bags: one with $5,000, one with slop, and one that is empty.

ROUND ONE: $100 in quarters. Natalie goes way over. Russell was $179.25 over the amount, Ronnie was a whopping $570 over, and Jeff was the closest. He wins and decides to ignore the douche money bags and keep working towards the Veto.

ROUND TWO: $75 in dimes. Natalie has a differential of $16.90, Russell a difference of $32.80, Casey over by $20,30, Laura way over by $269.80, and Jeff once again the closest, only off by $5.80. Laura’s out – MOTHER [email protected]#$er!

ROUND THREE: $40 in nickels. Natalie with a $5.65 differential, Russell off by $15.55, Casey over by $21.40, and Jeff off by $7.35. Natalie wins, Casey’s out. SHE TAKES A BAG! What a cop out!! She chose bag one – SLOP FOOD…serves her right.

ROUND 4: $10 in pennies. Russell has a difference of $1.41, but Jeff only had a difference of $0.97 and wins the power of veto! Woohoo! Eat THAT Russell!

The time for the Veto Ceremony is near. Ronnie talks to Natalie and Chima about backdooring Russell. Natalie goes and gets Jesse and Lydia. Jesse will support 100% if that’s what they want to do, although he really wants to keep Russell.

Time for Veto ceremony. Jeff uses veto on himself, naturally. Ronnie has to choose a new nominee. OMG. He chooses JORDAN! What the EFF!!!!!!!! That came out of nowhere. Nightmare! Ronnie is the devil! I’m not so sure he has this almighty strategy. I think it truly IS back to highschool and Ronnie is trying to impress and be friends with the cool kids: Jesse and Russell.

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