Big Brother 11 Episode 5 Recap: “People Always Let Their True Colors Show…”


Paranoia, Paranoia, Paranoia! Ronnie has created a lot of tension in the household by playing both sides, and by voting for Braden instead of Chima. That being said, no one knows FOR SURE that it’s him- except the viewers. What’s worse is that he is now HOH.

Laura, my new favorite, has figured him out. In a confessional, she said she knew it was Ronnie buts since he is HOH she couldn’t really say anything about it. I wish she had stuck to that idea. Instead she was unable to watch him walk around lying through his teeth, so she informed Michele, Jordan, and Jeff of her suspicions and how certain she was. I’d probably have done the same thing though, angered by Ronnie the Weasel’s actions.

Chima also called Michele out for voting for her to be evicted, instead of voting along with her. Chima flipped out. I really don’t see where Chima is coming from when she thinks she’s on the athletes team and barely connects with the Brains. I say good for Michele for owning up to it.

So anyway, back to the Weasel. Ronnie talked to Laura, Jeff, and Jordan and tried to make them think it was Michele that was the one who turned on the group. They listen to him, but as soon as he leaves, they discuss that they don’t believe him. So Ronnie then talks to Jesse, Natalie, and Russell about how clever he is, making the other think it was Michele. Oh, get over yourself Ronnie. You’ve made yourself the biggest target in the game- EVERYONE is onto your deception and no one’s buying it. Well, except for Jesse- but he’s pretty. Says Ronnie in a confessional, “At the end of the day, I’m thinking of me and me only and I definitely have some big moves in store for the week.

So now that her suspicions are more out in the open, Laura talks to Kevin, Chima, and Michele about Ronnie and what’s she thinks he’s been up to. I love Laura, but she has to keep her mouth shut, as I don’t want her to be sent home. Ugh.

Cut to the next scene, and OF COURSE Chima, along with Kevin, rat on Laura and tell Jesse, Russell, Natalie, AND Ronnie that she thinks Ronnie is the one who is playing both sides.

Outside, Jeff, Laura, Jordan, Casey, and Michele are talking and Ronnie comes out and can tell that Jordan is uneasy. She says she is stressed about the fact that someone was lying and had switched their vote to get Braden out. Then, Casey comes right out and confronts Ronnie. Ronnie weasel’s his way out of it, using his HOH power as a threat.


For the Have and Have Nots competition, Dan the winner of Big Brother 10 shows up, shown above. Dan was the reason for Jesse going home in Big Brother 10 so needless to say Jesse was not pleased to see him. The guys and girls were split up and it was a game of figuring out how the opposite sex thinks- one girl and one guy would win, with the reward being a special viewing of “The Ugly Truth” and the power to pick the clique that would be the Have Nots for the week. Casey won first for the guys, and in his confessional he said the worst person to watch the movie with would be Chima, considering she’d complain, complain, complain. Low and behold she wins, and the two of them have date.

So the two winners have to decide who the Have Nots will be. Chima chooses Popular, whilst Casey chooses the Athletes. Chima says threateningly, “You really wanna go home don’t you?” Wow, bitch. So Casey lets her have her way and the Populars have to be the Have Not’s this week. Chima is not making any friends with this type of attitude.



Nomination time soon. Laura and her “side” want to remind Ronnie that there are bigger fish to fry in the household than anyone within their circle. Ronnie discusses backdooring Russell (I’d hit it) by putting up two pawns first. Jordan asks Ronnie as a friend to NOT put any of them up as pawns in this strategy, but to use one of the ones on the dark side. Ronnie absolutely agrees (as if).

Dun dun da! Time for the Nomination Ceremony

I’ll get right to it: Jeff and Laura were put up for eviction. In my opinion, Ronnie’s days in the house are numbered. He has shown too much deception so early on that as soon as they have they opportunity they will send him packing. I just really really hope Laura wins Power of Veto this week to put Russell up for eviction and save her ass.

In his confessional, Ronnie admitted that he selected Laura because she was the only one clever enough who could put two and two together that he was indeed the Puppetmaster. Jeff was just put in purely as a pawn. I hope the whole pawn thing works!

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