Big Brother 11 Episode 4 Recap: “Kiss My Latin Ass”


It’s Day 11 in the Big Brother House and time for the first live eviction show. So as Julie put it, already the athletes have turned on each other, an Off Beat has manipulated her way off of the chopping block by selling out someone from the Popular clique, and the Brains are siding with the other cliques. Should be interesting, right? Last episode was intense – but this one was no less intense.

Here we go. The athletes are in control and they are working to getting rid of Braden, destroying the close alliance that he, Jordan, and Jeff have. After Braden was put onto the chopping block, Jordan broke down a few times around the house, feeling threatened that one of the Populars was at risk of going home.

Braden and Russell both find themselves in the kitchen, and Russell tries to find out how Braden found out about the plan to put him up for elimination instead of Lydia. He just said he had a hunch and didn’t disclose that it was Ronnie. In my opinion, he should have spilled the beens on that little weasel. Braden says he knows that it was Lydia that was saying stuff about him and that threw him under the buss. They continue to discuss and Russell asks Braden if he has said anything to Lydia about it or confronted her.


Out to the backyard we go, and here comes the real drama. Lydia is talking to Kevin in backyard by the fence. Jeff is in the pool. Braden comes out and parks his hiney next to Lydia and Kevin. He confronts Lydia about selling him out. Lydia is defensive and tries to make him seem like he’s out of line. Jeff blows up and says stuff like, “Your just a bitch and you’re a freakin’ skank.” They continue to yell back & forth- Lydia and Kevin storm off, with Lydia shouting, “Kiss my Latin ass.” Lydia stomps around the house, barges in on Jordan and says “Okay Jordan, that’s who you’re lying with!” The two of them GO AT IT yelling and screaming!

Things start to settle down and Jordan puts her scheming face on and her and Laura talk about getting Chima out with Ronnie. They figure they have Jordan, Ronnie, Michele, Jeff, and they’d just need Casey to save Braden. That’s the plan. I have to say, I loved that Jordan was finally playing the game and losing the innocent act. It was time to shape up or ship out as they say.

Time to get ready for the Eviction Ceremony.



HOH, Jesse, gets a private discussion with Julie over camera and she asks him how things are compared to last season, and he basically said that being HOH he’s had to make a lot of hard decisions right off the bat. He also admitted that Russell is pretty much the brains behind everything so far.

The two up for eviction get to plead to their housemates one last time to keep them in the house…

Braden: He says that they’ve all had an amazing time, he said some things that were wrong, made apologies, and wants a second chance to prove himself.

Chima: Wow. Chima showed another side of herself and the claws came out. She said if anyone votes for Braden to stay that they have a short memory span as he said terrible things about other houseguests and a vote for him is a vote for a racist and a misogynist.

The house guests vote, one by one, and it is a tie.
Braden – Russell, Natalie, Kevin, Lydia, Ronnie
Chima – Jeff, Jordan, Laura, Michele, Casey,

That leaves the Head of Household, Jesse, to break the tie. Of course he decides that Braden must be evicted. Argh!! Sorry, after this episode Lydia is no longer in my good books and I want her and athletes to go down (except Jeff). OH, and Ronnie the weasel too.


As Braden leaves the house, Julie and the studio audience are awaiting him outside. Julie asks him who she things sold him out, and his first guest was Ronnie. He was right. He was suspicious of him and I doubt he’s the only one. Braden’s one word to describe his feeling / experience: discombobulated

Now, right into the HOH competition. It’s the Big Brother Homecoming. Big Brother fans were polled, to come up with the trivia / answers for a quiz of “Most Likely To,” with the answers being one of the four cliques. The Athletes were first out, then Popular. Then the Offbeats were lost down to Lydia, but she was booted as well. This left Michele and Ronnie to compete for HOH. Brains will be safe for the week for sure. Chima smirks from the sidelines as her clique-mates have saved her. Michele doesn’t buzz in quick enough to response, and Ronnie ends up as Head of Household. Great, this isn’t going to go to his head at all. I think I would have wanted Laura to win Head of Household. I know, different from my first impressions, but everything is changing so much after each episode.


Sunday, Ronnie puts two non-Brains up for elimination.

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