Wow. What an intense episode. Let the drama games begin. The episode began how the last one left off of course. Lydia and Chima had been put up for nomination and were up for eviction. Chima seemed pretty comfortable in the plan of her being the pawn. Lydia, on the other hand, was caught off guard and was ready to fight for her life in the first Veto Competition: Pop Goes the Veto.

The houseguests head to the backyard to find a giant face on the ground with several pimples full of goo and and ready to be popped – eww! Within each pimple/ mound was a letter. Each player had to race back to spell the longest word that they could. The players consisted of the Head of Household and of course Lydia and Chima fighting to save themselves, and through random selection, the rest of the athletes: Russell, Jeff, and Natalie. Russell’s strategy was to get as many letters as possible, then worry about spelling something later. Chima and Lydia had a specific word in mind that they were trying to find the letters to. I’m not sure that Natalie, Jeff, and Jesse had a strategy at all. Jesse spelled a pretty long word – but he spelled it wrong. Natalie spelled LAST, putting her in FIRST for the time being. Russell took the lead with SHOTGUN, and ended up winning because Chima, Lydia, and Jeff all spelled their words wrong or didn’t have all the letters needed for their word. Russell / Love Muscle takes the Power of Veto. Then panic strikes and tension builds.

Laura feels vulnerable because she hasn’t really connected with people and thinks that people just judge her because of her gigantic boobs. SO, she meets with Jesse and Russell and let’s them know they have her loyalty and that she is a strong competitor and really knows how to play the game. The will keep each other abreast of what is being said by the other houseguests.

Skip to Jeff flirting with Jordan on the couch, Jordan Playing with Jeff’s toes. The athletes feel that he isn’t really bonding with them and are unsure of his loyalties – particularly Russell.



Now, fast forward a bit and move the scene to the backyard. Jeff is on the cross-trainer and Russell is doing headstand push-ups and other intense boxing training. He then flips. In a confessional to camera, he says his strategy is to attack Jeff’s character. He thinks that Jeff lost the Veto competition on purpose and that he is actually not loyal to the Athletes. So in the yard, he flips. Goes crazy and starts yelling at Jeff who is STILL on the cross-trainer. It comes out of NOWHERE and Russell seems like a crazy person, trying to get a rise out of Jeff. After Russell storms off, Natalie gets involved and Jeff gets defensive. Natalie explains that they feel that Jeff is not willing to get his hands bloody and is not taking part in the strategy. That being said, they hadn’t really included him in any decision making – including putting Lydia on the chopping block, which was Jeff’s defense.

The next sequence of events are many and happen pretty quickly, so that’s how I’ll explain it.

  • Lydia and Jesse have a pow wow in the HOH bedroom about her wanting to stay and that other people, such as Braden are completely under the radar. Lydia describes Braden as a “shaker” and Jesse says on behalf of the other athletes, “We think Jeff’s useless.” Lydia says that she knows that Natalie is the one that wanted her to be put up for nomination and questions why they listen to her.
  • Lydia walks in. Awkward moment. Lydia confronts Natalie saying she knew that Natalie was responsible for encouraging her nomination. Blah, blah, they decide to be friends and work it out and then begin to discuss throwing a curve ball, to convince Russell to give up his veto for Lydia, and put Braden up onto the chopping block with Chima.
  • Lydia leaves, then Russell enters HOH room shortly after and they fill him in on the potential new strategy. He agrees. They are going to “backdoor” Braden.
  • The plan is mentioned to Ronnie by Jesse, considering they are in an alliance (isn’t everyone?). Ronnie takes this information and is quite worried. If Braden goes, the non-athletes are compromised and are weaker, considering Lydia is aligning herself with the athletes. Ronnie tells Jordan and Jeff, who in turn decide that they all must tell Braden. They do.
  • Braden starts acting odd and is not his chipper self. Russell picks up on this and immediately knows that the plan has been leaked and he is almost positive it is Ronnie. Ronnie denies it when confronted by Russell. Russell then explains his suspicions to Jesse, and now Ronnie is totally on their radar. Not in the good books. Would they put him on the chopping block now?

Fast forward to veto ceremony. Russell, with the Power of Veto, hosts. Lydia and Chima sit vulnerable in the green sofa chairs. To my surprise, Russell actually does give up his Veto and gives it to Lydia. Jesse then puts Braden up for nomination. Braden is pissed.

This Thursday – the first live eviction show. Braden is a target for being under the radar, but Chima is plain annoying.

Who do you predict will be the first evicted?

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