Big Brother 11 Episode 24 Recap: “$10,000 To Just Stick My Hand in the Hole?”


Jeff is pissed at Kevin for not fulfilling his part of their deal by putting Jeff up as an eviction nominee, alongside Michele. So, as this episode begins we know that Michele and Jeff are on the block, Kevin is HOH, and at the end of the last episode we were warned that Kevin would discover a secret that could change the game. Jeff needs to win the POV since he is the target this week.

So, Kevin goes up to his HOH room to find a surprise. A door with a question mark on it. It’s a secret door leading to another room with what’s called the Big Brother Pandora’s box in it. He is freaking out. He can stick his hand in one of the holes in Pandora’s Box and get $10,000, but by doing so he could unleash something good or something bad onto him or onto the house. The choice is his. Kevin panics,”$10,000 to just stick my hand in the hole?” Despite the risk, the greed overpowers and he walks into the room, reaches his hand into the oversized box, screams…and we go to commercial break…

His hand is locked in and he is more or less now attached to this box in a room the rest of the houseguests don’t know about. Meanwhile, the rest of the houseguests are outside and realize that it’s raining money, and they begin catching all the money that is falling from the sky. Kevin can see them doing this from the video screen in the room he’s in. Michele, Natalie, Jeff, and Jordan go nuts, stuffing the money wherever they can on their person or in bowls and bins that they happen to find. Then, some info for Kevin appears on the video screen: “The key to your release is hidden somewhere in the house.” Kevin starts screaming for Natalie and she eventually goes up and finds him. Kevin tells her to find a key in the house, she agrees but instead she goes back down and continues piling money in. Kevin can see on the monitor and is choked. Jeff figures there is something more to this as well, so he goes up to check on Kevin as well. Kevin tells Jeff that he had to find the key in order to keep the money, which is a lie. Jeff ends up finding it on the couch behind a pillow, then continues filling up on cash. Kevin watches them all stuffing money as they leave him locked upstairs. “This house is filled with some greedy folks,” says Kevin. Jeff got the most by far. Finally, Kevin is released by the key and he goes down and picks up some of his own.

Time for the Veto Competition, which is “space themed”. Basically, there are 6 screens the each, one by one, show an alien image made up of the photos of two houseguests morphed together. The objective is to figure out which two houseguests make up the photo. Once correct, they are notified by a ding, and can move onto the next photo. Fastest time wins an HD TV stereo system and wins POV.

Kevin is first up and is pretty quick. The first pic is of him morphed with Casey, and when he realizes that his his face that is part of it comments, “I’m way cuter than this.”

Natalie up next and overall was pretty quick… Jordan not so much. Michele was actually really fast! At this point I think she may have been Natalie. Then Jeff’s up and starts off really quick but slowed down a little towards the end. At his point, I think Michele may have won, but it might actually be Natalie’s first win. That would suck.

So, here are the times:
3:05 Kevin
2:55 Natalie
5:09 Jordan
1:52 Michele
3:01 Jeff

Michele wins POV and won the entertainment centre – good for her! Obviously, Michele is gonna take herself off the block and it will end up being Jeff and Jordan against each other, up for eviction because Kevin is certainly not going to put up Natalie. Nightmare. Worst case scenario for my favorite couple.

Jeff and Jordan are totally bummed & crack open the wine.



Natalie and Kevin discuss the fact that they have to get Michele going home next week. Natalie talks the talk again about wanting to win HOH, but she hasn’t won anything yet and that is not likely to happen. For someone who competes in sports I’m quite surprise at how poorly she has done in the challenges.

Michele then takes some time to talk to Jeff, saying that Jordan should go and he should stay as it is in her best interest for him to stay. Natalie has too many friends on the jury and Michele could use Jeff’s help to get rid of Natalie before it’s too late. Michele says she is going to talk to Kevin about the idea, as she thinks that Jeff shouldn’t go without a fight.

Later on, after having had wine, Jordan breaks down. She said she doesn’t do well under pressure and feels so guilty for him being put up. She wants to go home over Jeff because she feels like she owes him.

Michele then talks to Kevin in the hot tub and presents an alternative to his likely strategy in voting out Jeff, stating that he should keep Jeff around so he can get Natalie out next week preventing Natalie from getting to the final two. If Natalie gets to the final two, she has a lot of friends in the jury house and she will win the $500,000. Excellent points Michele. That being said, I think (unfortunately) that Kevin’s strategy WILL BE to put up Jordan, and bank on the fact that he can been her in a challenge and has a chance against Michele as well. Even if it’s Michele and Kevin in the end, unfortunately nobody liked Michele and were so two-face to her, which I thought was totally bogus, and Kevin would likely win.

I think Michele has been the underdog and never had alliances to rely on and has made it extremely far in the game under those circumstances. Also, she is winning challenges a lot lately and is a force to be reckoned with. If Jeff goes home, I want Michele to win for how she’s played. On the flipside, I want Jordan to win so her family has the money to move into a bigger home, and so she can share some with Jeff and they live happily ever after.

Time for the predictable Veto Meeting.
-Michele takes herself off. Big Surprise.
-Kevin names Jordan as the replacement nominee. Another Big Surprise. Not really.

Okay so, obviously Jeff is going home which will leave, Kevin, Michele, Jordan, and Natalie as the Final Four for Big Brother 11.

In my opinion (banking on Jeff going home),

– Natalie’s smartest move is to take Kevin out next week
– Michele’s smartest move is to take out Natalie next week
– Jordan’s smartest move is to take out Natalie next week
– Kevin’s smartest move is to take out Natalie next week

They are all bold moves, but thinking of who’d be better for them to go against in the jury house, those are my ideas on the best moves.

At this point, who do you think will be the winner of Big Brother 11?

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