Big Brother 11 Episode 23 Recap: “You’re Not Gonna Like What I’m About To Say”


So this episode wasn’t as exciting as the last few, considering Chima, Lydia, and Russell are now out of the game and they were the ones that created all the drama. That being said, some big moves were made.

As the episode begins, it is a battle of endurance to win the head of household and wow it’s day 54. Kevin is winning challenge the majority of the time and is very focused. He is a little annoyed that Natalie isn’t pulling her weight, leaving it all up to him in their alliance. Michele trails closely behind, but in the end Kevin wins the HOH for his first time.

Now that Kevin has the power, in private, Natalie and Kevin talk about who they think are the bigger threats. It comes down to Jeff and Michele of course. Natalie leans towards getting Michele out, whereas Kevin sees Jeff as a triple threat. That being said, Kevin did promise Jeff the week prior that he would not put Jeff up at all if he were to take him off the block, and that’s what he did. Natalie is playing strategically and being up front in front with everyone about the fact that she wants Michele out so that if Jeff is put up, there is no blood on her hands and Jeff won’t go after her the next week. If Kevin get Michele out, everyone would be happy because neither pair/couple would have been affected.



Meanwhile, Michele breaks down crying. She feels all alone and she has no one to empathize for her. She was so close to winning HOH, but now she finds herself excluded from the two other pairs that remain in the house. Understandably. I don’t think they show everything, but I still don’t see what they all have against Michele and feel bad for how badly they leave her out.

Kevin isn’t sure what he wants to do.

When Jeff talked to Kevin in the HOH room and asked to see where Kevin’s head was at, Kevin replied,”You’re not gonna like what I’m about to say.” Kevin basically said it is just coming down to numbers, etc. and may be putting him and Michele up. Jeff is choked because they had the deal the week prior. Kevin is the new Russell in Jeff’s books.

Nomination ceremony

Kevin is HOH
Safe: Natalie & Jordan
On the Block: Jeff & Michele

Next episode, POV is up for grabs and there is a surprise twist behind the door for Kevin that can affect the game in a big way. It’s up to him whether or not he opens the door or not.

  • City Diva

    The live feeds show what a nasty little hypocrite Natalie is. She lies, not just strategically, but for fun. She steals and destroys people’s personal belongings. She instigates tormenting Michelle (who I’m convinced is slightly autistic — all brain no social skills) and revels in isolating her.

    Unfortunately my darling Kevin is completely under her spell. He’s started acting like her… being a bitch just for fun. What he doesn’t know is that Nasty Nat lies to him too and cheats him along with everyone else. Cameras have caught her putting pool balls in the pocket then telling Kevin she made the shot. He actually believes he’s on a losing streak because she wins by cheating! She’s a sociopath and she’s ruining his image.