Big Brother 11 Episode 22 Recap: “I Strongly, Strongly Dislike You!”


So Russell was put up as a replacement nominee for Kevin, so going into this episode, Natalie & Kevin are up against each other for eviction and my heart is pounding, as I know that Russell is going to flip out any second.

Yup. Russell is just steaming, whereas Natalie and Kevin are so excited – jumping up and down even! Michele feels vulnerable and lost now and sheds a few tears. Overall, there’s a lot of awkwardness and tension in the Big Brother house.

Russell and Jeff finally talk out in the yard. The conversation quickly escalates into much more. Did I say much more? I meant much much more. Russell is yelling at him, trying to push Jeff’s buttons, makes fun of him as much as possible, and Jeff tries to stay as cool as possible, asking Russell to drop all that anger and realize it’s just a game. Russell just keeps running his mouth. HUGE anger issues, this guy! “I don’t even wanna rip into your character cuz you have none,” Jeff says to Russell. Russell then starts threatening Jeff, saying that he better win the game or else he is going to kick his ass once he gets into the jury house. Jeff just kept repeating to Russell, “You Got Got.” Then the fighting gets worse. Natalie ran upstairs to tell Jordan that Russell had just threatened Jeff physically. Jordan storms out and flips out at Russell. He starts egging her on, calling her Jeff’s lap dog, calling her fat, telling her she should go eat more cookie dough!! Holy Crap!? Who is this guy? He knows he’s being filmed right? Russell is a psychopath!!! He absolutely needs help. You can tell that he has issues with this outside of the big brother house because I remember something his family had said earlier in the season that alluded to that. Michele, Kevin, Natalie just sat there under the radar, watching.

Later on, Kevin & Russell are playing pool and Russell works on trying to get Kevin to consider keeping him, as he’d be better to go up against than Jeff. Oh my god. Kevin is actually considering swaying on Natalie!? Burn! I don’t think he’ll actually do it though. He would have way too many enemies.

Meanwhile, Jesse & Lydia are reunited in the Jury House. Jesse has been by himself up to this point. As Lydia enters, she starts attacking him, in a “cutsie” way. She told America that she was going to flip out on him when she got in the house, but instead she was throwing love punches at Jesse, as she was drooling at the fact that they were going to be in the house alone together all week.



As the eviction ceremony draws near, Julie announces that there are no more Have Nots from this point forward. However, she did say that they should be wary of more surprises.

Now…up for eviction we have Tae Kwon Do (Natalie) vs. Mixed Martial Arts (Russell)

Natalie confidently said her plea speech first, which ended with something along the lines of, “You all said you wouldn’t be voting to evict me tonight so thank you for that.” WOW. Eat that Russell. Russell then turned into Mr. Charm and said he wished the best of luck to everyone and smiled, as if to try to make America forget how crazy and mean he had been this past week.

Eviction Ceremony:
Votes For Russell: Jordan, Kevin, Michele
Votes For Natalie: 0 votes

Russell was really mature as he left, and hugged everyone. He is totally bipolar. Wow. Totally.

In the goodbye videos to Russell, Jordan says to Russell, “I strongly strongly dislike you.”

Moving on to the HOH competition. The winner of HOH this week gets guaranteed a spot in the final four, but unfortunately for Jeff, he can’t compete as the outgoing HOH. The challenge is called “The Smore the Merrier.” Houseguests must run across a long slippery graham cracker pathway, fill their 8 oz. mug with hot chocolate, and fill their 16 gallon glass bubble with the hot chocolate. There is a marshmallow in the glass bubble with an opening at the top that they are pouring into. The idea is to fill the bubble full enough so that they can retrieve the marshmallow to win HOH. The estimated trip distance it will take to do so is 4 miles. Of course, they end the episode with the houseguests in the middle of the competition.

My prediction is that Natalie will win this one, which will be her first win of the game so far. I highly doubt Jordan is going to win it, which means that Jeff and Jordan are really gonna feel the pinch this week when the power shifts to the someone that is not them. POV will likely be CRUCIAL for Jeff. I can’t wait to see how it plays out.