Big Brother 11 Episode 20 Recap: “I Pulled Your Key First To Make You Feel Safe, But…”


As we begin this episode, Drama Queen Lydia has been evicted and the remaining houseguests are battling it out to replace Jordan as Head Bitch in Charge (HOH) by putting the most cans into their respective tubes, or being the first to get 24 in. This challenge was HARD. Kevin did really well the whole time. The two with the least cans in tubes would be the Have Nots for the week. There were gold cans that you could use to stall somebody of your choice for one minute. Russell got one and used it on Kevin. Then Kevin got one and used it on Russell. This bought some time for Jeff to catch up and focus and that he did. He ended up passing Kevin by one can and is now HOH for the week. Michele and Russell are the Have Nots. Kevin and Natalie are the only ones that haven’t won HOH of the people that are left.

Natalie discusses with Kevin an idea she has to discuss with Jeff and Jordan and that is to make a final four deal with them. Their logic is that they can say that Russell and Michele are floaters and can’t really be trusted.

Russell wanted to clear the air with Jeff and Jordan about things they have heard (the lie that Kevin started), and it doesn’t really get anywhere. If anything it brought more attention to Russell as a target. Russell tries to defend himself against those rumors that he intends on taking Jeff out. Jeff doesn’t know what to believe, but Jordan doesn’t trust Russell at all.



Meanwhile, Kevin, Jordan, and myself absolutely drool over Jeff watering the plants. They call him the sexy gardener. I’ll be his Hoe.

Later on, Natalie, Jeff and Russell play poker but when Natalie flexes her muscles in the sense that she tries to tell Russell how to play, the two of them go at it and Russell flips out.

Michele and Russell feel threatened so Michele goes up to talk to Jeff to see if they are sticking to the plan of final four. Jeff tells her what she wants to hear, but he himself is undecided.

Finally they have a chance so Natalie and Kevin talk to Jeff about THEIR final four idea. Jeff agrees but says to their face he wants to put THEM up and then any of the other four of them that win the POV will save one of them and put Russell up so that they can backdoor him. Basically, Russell CANNOT win POV for the plan to work.

Time for the Nominations…
Safe (in order that they were called out): Russell, Michele, Jordan
Up for Eviction: Natalie and Kevin

Jeff says in the diary room, “Russell, I pulled your key first to make you feel safe, but it’s you we want out.” Thursday, someone goes home.