Big Brother 11 Episode 2 Recap: “I’m Your Friend… Knife Them in the Back”


This episode of Big Brother, the houseguests found out who the 13th Houseguest / Head of Household was. It was Jesse. Everyone quickly scrambled to figure out how they were going to relate to him and where he fit in amongst everyone. Or, how he was going to fit in general – he’s HUGE! I’m sure they were a little star struck as well since he was in last season’s big brother. The strategizing began and it started with the Brains. Specifically, with Ronnie.

Ronnie figured it’d be very strategic for him to align himself with Jesse, as it’d be a very unexpected alliance. Jesse seemed to agree. Natalie, Jesse, Ronnie, and Chima met in the HOH room to further discuss their strategy. Natalie and Jesse proposed that Ronnie be a pawn in the Nominations, but Ronnie was definitely not comfortable with it, knowing that quite often, the pawn goes home. He quickly deflected suggesting Chima, or Michele instead. Nice work, Ronnie.


In this episode, they had their first Food Challenge (excluding the athletes, who are safe since Jesse is HOH). Well, actually, it turned out to be more than just a food challenge. It was called the Have and Have Not Competition. They had to get their glowing war paint on, head out to the backyard that was set up like a rave, and construct a chain of tubes that would allow fluid to flow all the way through and make their psychedelic wheel spin. The clique that lost the psychedelic challenge would have to sleep in the worst conditions in Big Brother history (a room suitable for someone in a straightjacket, have only cold showers, eating only Big Brother slop – all for one week.

Ronnie felt like the brains would have an advantage over the Popular and Offbeat cliques, since it was more of a Brains type competition. He was so wrong. They were so far behind and could not work well as a team. Needless to say, they lost, and Chima had a meltdown. The Brains became the Have Nots for the week. Princess Chima was not happy. Chima totally Diva’d out and was being such a baby about the fact that they had lost and would have to sleep in such bad conditions. She almost wanted to go home. Take a chill pill, Chima – seriously.



It was now time for Jesse to make a decision as to who would be going up for eviction. He totally hates Laura (big boobs) and thinks she’s super fake. She has caught on and they are totally gonna but heads pretty quick. He’s connected with Lydia (and she gave him a massage…lucky), but knows she’s pretty smart and could potentially be a threat. Furthermore, his Athlete clique, particularly Russell, felt that she is a pretty strong competitor and should be put on the chopping block.

So there we have it.

His decision: Lydia and Chima. One of them will be going home.


Lydia was quite upset, as she felt there was no reason for her to have been selected. Chima on the other hand felt like she was selected as the pawn, but I’m not so sure. I think after her little freak out from losing the challenge, she’s kind of made herself a target. Jesse knew that Lydia would be upset about him selecting her, but he’s played this game before. In his words it’s like, “I’m your friend…knife them in the back. I’m your friend…knife them in the back. I’m your friend…knife them in the back.” So true, Jesse.

Nothing on the romantic front to report as of yet…

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  • Kodie

    I think it was a smart move to put Lydia up as she is probably one of the strongest players in the house. I don’t want her to go tho, she is rad! So hopefully she can pull off a Power of Veto win and Jessie will put up Boobs Mcgee (Laura) or Keanu Reeves (Braden) in her Place