Big Brother 11 Episode 19 Recap: “Operation Bosley and the Two Angels”


This episode is action packed and right to business. We find out who the sixth eviction will be (seventh if you count Chima) along with who wins the POV (and if they use it) and who the new HOH will be.
At this point, Lydia and Natalie are on the chopping block with Jordan safe as HOH.

In private, Jordan tells Natalie she is a pawn and they really just want to get Lydia out. Cut to Lydia hiding under the sheets again, all down on herself. Looks like her unitard high has worn off. Her terrible attitude is not helping her make new friends in the house.

With so few houseguests left, the dynamic is changing. Russell & Michele are kinda teaming up as two loners. Then there’s Jeff & Jordan. Then we have the “evil team” leftovers: Kevin, Natalie, and Lydia…

Later, Natalie and Lydia start arguing over Jesse, while Kevin is in the room. They finally have come to the realization that he played them both and are now over him and won’t be shedding any more tears over him any time soon. Natalie and Lydia really want to be the HBIC this week: Head Bitch in Charge. Natalie and Kevin’s idea is to come up with a lie and say that Russell and Michele have a final two deal and Jordan and Jeff should get rid of Russell instead of one of the girls. They call it “Operation Bosley and the Two Angels. Kevin talks to Jeff and tells the lie (even though it’s not really a lie) and Jeff buys it. Jeff talks to Jordan and the contemplate the possibility of maybe backdooring Russell.



Time for the POV Competition: “Before or After.” Basically, the houseguests (minus Russell who wasn’t selected to compete in the random draw) have to decide if the event described in each round happened Before or After the second event that Julie reads. Answer incorrectly, your out. Last one standing wins POV. Here’s how it played out:

Round 1. All Safe
Round 2. Lydia, Jeff, Natalie get it wrong and are out, leaving Michele, Jordan, and Kevin.
Round 3. Everyone safe.
Round 4. Kevins out.
Round 5. Michele and Jordan are safe.
Round 6. Both safe again.
Round 7. Both safe again.
Round 8. Both safe again.
Round 9. Tiebreaker. Answer is a number. Whoever is closest wins. Jordan wins!

Jordan wins Power of Veto AND she’s HOH (for a bit longer). Will she change it? At the POV Ceremony, Jordan decides NOT to use the POV to save either of her two original nominees as HOH, Lydia and Natalie. The eviction is moving ahead as planned.

Time for the eviction. Jordan only votes in the event of a tie. Here’s how the votes went:

Natalie: Kevin
Lydia: Russell, Michele, Jeff,

Captain Unitard is OUT! She gives Kevin a hug prior to leaving, and snubs everyone else. Bitter Little Unitard Biatch.


Moving along to the HOH Competition. Jordan can’t compete since she’s the outgoing HOH. The challenge is called “Can Do”. The first houseguest to stack 24 cans in tube, or the most when the times up, wins HOH. As the competition beings, Kevin has an early lead with one. A while later, Kevin’s neck and neck with Michele, each having four cans. And, that’s how the episode ends. Boo.

Sunday we find out who the HOH is and which two nominees will be put up for eviction.

Here are my predictions for each houseguest (minus Jordan) on who they would put up for nomination if they win the HOH this week:

Russell: Jeff, Natalie
Natalie: Jeff, Russell
Kevin: Jeff, Russell
Michele: Natalie, Russell
Jeff: Russell, Natalie

Given my predictions, I think it’s crucial for either Russell or Jeff to win the HOH if either of them want to stay in the game. They are the biggest threats right now. Russell because he’d backstab any of them in a second, and Jeff because he has proven himself as a strong, strategic player (even though he can’t spell).


Six Houseguests Remain: Who do you think is going to win Big Brother 11?

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