Big Brother 11 Episode 18 Recap: “Wear Your Unitard, Bitch!”


Okay, so much is going on. Michele’s the HOH, Chima and Natalie are on the block, and Chima gets has gone off the deep end. This is probably was one of the most anticipated episodes of Big Brother ever! What the heck happened!!

Chima’s obviously upset that Michele has put her on the block. In reference to Chima in the Diary Room, Michele says, “I don’t think my friendship with her is worth $500,000.” Totally. Well said, Michele. It’s funny how the people that are losing for once lose sight of the fact that the game is a game, and not about long lasting friendships and being nice to each other. Chima has lost sight of reality (or reality TV in this case) and as Jeff puts it, “She’s a nightmare!”


Chima starts talking about about the fact she wants out of the game: “I’m not giving them the satisfaction of voting me out of this house.” She starts to not wear her microphone. She’s just super negative and is not following the rules anymore. The backyard has been set up for the veto competition that is taking place the next day, and houseguests are invited to practice at their leisure. Given the face that Chima and Natalie are on the block, Natalie sends Kevin to go wake Chima up to come down and practice. She agrees, but she doesn’t wear her microphone.

“Chima, please put on your microphone,” Big Brother says over the intercom. “I don’t give shit,” Chima says aloud. Things are not looking good. She is completely ignoring and disobeying Big Brother. “Chima, please go to the diary room,” Big Brother insists. Cut to Chima throwing clothes over top of the camera to obstruct the cameras. In Big Brother, you have to wear the mic 24/7….

Kevin, Lydia, and Natalie can’t really get her to follow the rules and they start to worry that she’s gonna get in trouble. Kevin gets her mic for her. She takes it, then THROWS THE MIC IN TO THE HOT TUB! “Chima, please exchange your mic with one in the storage room,” Big Brother says. FINALLY, someone gets her a mic. She puts it on for a second and says into the mic, “You guys can suck my dick.” Then, she takes it off. “Chima, please come to the diary room.” Things keep getting more intense. Just when you think they get intense enough, Allison Grodner, the Big Brother’s Executive Producer comes onto the intercom and asks politely for Chima to go to the diary room. You can see that Chima’s a bit worried, given the fact that she’s being talked to by the Producer. She goes into the diary room, but is immediately escorted out of the room.

Time passes. “I think Chima’s not coming back,” says Kevin. In anticipation and suspense, the house was completely put on pause. Finally, information: ” Houseguests, please go to the living room,” says Allison over the intercom. She explains that after a number of violations, especially destroying the microphone, Chima had to be expelled from the house. Those closest to Chima were asked to pack her backs for her. Shortly after, Kevin is crying a river because he feels that he had done everything he could to help Chima but was unsuccessful.

Natalie starts to lose it now. She’s with Lydia and Kevin, saying that Michele led Chima to this point and she is to blame. Lydia, with a bit of common sense (for once) says, “Natalie, now is not the time… Chima made this choice.” Natalie is fired up: “The only reason I’m staying is because I want vindication,” she says with conviction.

Michele makes an announcement: Since one of her nominees is gone, her duties as HOH are now over. Gulp. Natalie is not up for eviction anymore. Gulp. Time for a NEW HOH competition and Michele cannot compete. Hmm, not sure if that’s fair, but whatever. She hosts the competition.

Time for the HOH competition: BB Country Club. A Miniature Golf set up and like in golf you want to get a low score. A hole in one gives one point and that’s the lowest. If you miss the hole in one, the is a wheel spinning beyond the hole and whatever part of the wheel the ball falls in, the houseguest gets the point that is assigned to the spot. The highest score in each round is eliminated, and they get to select a hidden prize. Whenever people are eliminated and get a prize, then can switch it for someone else’s already revealed prize. One of these prizes is the HOH.

Lydia is out first, picks a prize, and low and behold it is the HOH. Unfortunately for her, someone will definitely take it away from her. Natalie is eliminated next and chooses a Hawaiian vacation. She chooses not to take the HOH and try to keep the vacation, because she knows the HOH one people will certainly take. For their “alliance,” it’s all on Kevin’s shoulders now. Russell is eliminated next. Russell wins a phone call from home, but trades it for the Hawaiian vacation. Natalie starts balling and cries because she is so happy and she thanks Russell. Russel says he didn’t do it for her, so not to seem like he was doing a favor for an enemy. Kevin is eliminated. Their group is screwed. He wins his second cash prize in the game so far, $5,000. It’s down to the cute couple, Jordan and Jeff for HOH! Jordan gets a 4. Jeff asks Jordan if she wants it, the HOH I mean, and she says she does. He hits his ball out off of the green to give her the win, then takes the vacation away from Russell in exchange for the massage he won. Jordan gets a superhero outfit – Captain Unitard. She gives it to Lydia and takes the HOH. Excellent.



Jordan is now HOH. Lydia is pissed. She starts yelling and screaming and acting like a lunatic. Apparently, she has caught CPS (Chima Psycho Syndrome}. Michele gets feisty and says “Wear your unitard Bitch!” to Lydia. I LOVED IT! Lydia runs and pours out all of Michele’s Stella Artois. She’s running around saying, “Vote me out!” Jeff and Russell say, “Your staying, get comfy,” just to piss her off. Lydia is slurring her words, she’s hammered. She starts saying to Jeff that the two of them she go discuss the issues on front of the camera in the D.R. (Diary Room) but it’s more like DR for DRUNK in this case! As Lydia is off by herself in the room, Jeff starts yelling at Natalie and Kevin for not helping control Lydia and talk her off a ledge. Putting them in their place, I feel.


The houseguests then look at Jordan’s HOH Room, except for Lydia. Jordan is so sweet and we learn that she shares a room with her mom and could totally use the money. Jeff looks on with such loving eyes as Jordan cries. I hope they get married.

Lydia finally puts on her Captain Unitard outfit. She is bipolar I swear. Now all of a sudden she’s happy and giddy in her costume. They must have given her a little something something in the D.R. room – more like DRUG room in this case! Okay, that joke’s getting old already, Patrick.

Time for Jordan’s decision at the nomination ceremony.

Safe (in order announced): Michele, Jeff, Kevin, Russell
Nominated: Lydia, Natalie.

Next episode is on Thursday which will have both a POV and someone will be eliminated. Natalie is determined to win the POV. I sure hope she doesn’t win. If Kevin, Natalie, or Lydia get the POV I will be pissed. Most of all, I hope Natalie goes home.

  • David Everhart


  • dan

    This is the best season of Big Brother ever. It’s such a nice change of pace to see the good guys winning, and the awful people being picked off and exposed for the true people they are!

  • I don’t watch this show… but this description sounds like an A-Ro story… I love that they’re allowed to get wasted.