Big Brother 11 Episode 16 Recap: “This Was Worst Case Scenario and the Best Move You’ve Made So Far”


So with this episode, we’re going into Jeff’s last chance to use the Coup d’Etat, and for sure he’s gonna use it. He’d be stupid not to in my opinion. Other than Jeff, the only two people guaranteed safety this week are Chima (HOH) and Kevin (POV).

So Jesse is incredibly paranoid about the mystery power. He and Natalie suspect that either Jeff or Jordan have it. They decide that they should try to get on their good side, and uncharacteristically decide to spend the day out side with them. Jordan and Jesse are not stupid and realize that they are scheming and obviously feeling threatened.

Russell, who is actually ON the chopping block, is also scrambling. At one point, he and Jesse are talking outside while they play pool, but there is an incredible amount of tension because Jesse still feels betrayed that Russell had chosen Jeff in the POV competition over him, putting him at risk with the mystery power floating around. Nothing is really resolved in their conversation.

Later, Russell talks to Michelle in private in their room, discussing joining him, Jordan, and Jeff in an alliance. Natalie and Jesse know that the two are talking, so Jesse barges in and says to Michele, “Wasn’t it 4 or 5 days ago when he was calling you crazy?” Obviously, she knows that and is talking to Russell on her own free will, but Jesse can’t stand that Russell is trying to scheme his way back to safety. Michele leaves the room as the two beefcakes bark at each other….

At one point, Chima is talking to Jesse in the HOH room and she said she will turn into a wild animal and there will be drama if Jeff uses the power. She doesn’t know he has it, but she’s fairly certain he has it.

This episode marks the halfway point in the game. At this point, two of the remaining people will be the final two while the rest will make up the jury of 7 who will crown the winner of Big Brother 11.



Okay, the moment I/we’ve all been waiting for. The Coup D’Etat. Julie asks that the person who has the mystery power to stand if they want to use it. Jeff stands. Jordan’s jaw drops in shock, but also in happiness. Chima looks absolutely livid.


Julie then asks, “Would you like to take Lydia off the block?” Jeff says yes, and chooses to put Natalie up on the block as her replacement. “Would you like to take Russell off the block,” asks Julie. Jeff says yes and chooses to put Jesse up as his replacement. My predictions / wishes for both of the replacements were BANG ON! Julie asked Jeff if he wanted to say anything to the two nominees he just put up for eviction. He basically said that it was just a game and they’ve been ruling the house the whole time and now he’s got the power and they’ve gotta feel the pain a little bit. Going into the voting, Chima and Jeff are cannot vote.

Natalie pleading her case, her best point was her saying if people think they can get further in the game by keeping her, then vote for her. Good angle – I would rather keep Natalie than Jesse. Jesse only cares about himself, which ultimately is the goal, but he has such an ego that he’s just gotta go. With Jesse pleading his case, he said “This was worst case scenario and the best move you’ve made so far,” directing his compliment to Jeff.

Time for the Votes for eviction….

Natalie: Lydia, Russell
Jesse: Jordan, Kevin, Michele,

Jesse is evicted and becomes the first member of jury. As he leaves, he was weirdly cold to Kevin and didn’t hug him or anything – just said, “That’s okay, buddy.”

Well, another one bites the dust and it’s time to move on to the next HOH Competition called Hit the Road. The houseguests compete two at a time in a face off about previous competitions, buzzing in with the answer HOH, Have/Have Not, or Veto Competition. Whoever buzzes in first gets to answer, if they’re correct they stay in the competiton and the opponent eliminated. The one still in the game gets to choose next two houseguests to face off. Last one standing is the new head of household. Here’s how it went down:

By random selection, Kevin and Lydia go first. Kevin wins. Next two picked: Jeff and Russell – Jeff wins by default, after Russell answered incorrectly. Next up, Chima and Natalie. Chima wins. Jeff and Jordan battle next. Jeff wins. Kevin and Chima go at it. Kevin wins. It’s down to three, any of which I’m okay with them being HOH: Michele, Jeff and Kevin. Michele and Jeff compete. Michele wins. Michele and Kevin go up for the title of HOH. Michele wins. Michele is the HOH. That makes things VERY interesting considering she’s been kind of a floater this entire time. Who will she side with now that Natalie’s sidekick, Jesse is gone. I’m guessing Natalie will try to get Michele, Chima, and MAYBE even Lydia too, to have a female alliance. I think that is their only hope. Otherwise, she can choose to side with Jeff, Jordan, Russell. I’m not totally sure how Kevin, Lydia, and Michele are going to fit into the clear divisions.

Sunday, Michele will put two nominees on the block. Next Thursday, there will be a Double Live Eviction! Oh my!