Big Brother 11 Episode 12 Recap: “I’m the One With the PHD, You’re a Lot Dumber Than Me”


This week’s HOH is Russell, the nominees have been decided as Ronnie and Lydia, and the number of people in the house is lower each week. People are started to scramble and the once strong power house alliance founded by athletes and Ronnie the Rat is now threatened. This alliance consists of Jesse, Natalie, Chima, Ronnie, and in the past included Russell. Russell is working smarter now. Russell knows that Ronnie is a liar and cannot be trusted. As far as he is concerned, Ronnie made his bed and he should lie in it and he’ll be more than happy to but the tombstone on it. Chima on the other hands tries to talk to Russell and convince him to get Lydia out instead. Then Jesse and Natalie come in and they’re working Russell as well, but he’s not budging. He’s made up his mind.

Later one, Natalie talks to Michele as they play pool, and tries to convince Michele to keep Ronnie in since they know that she is kind of the swing vote. Jesse joins in as well as he sees her as a floater, which worries them. They know she can go either way.


Time to decide POV players: 6 people. This includes the HOH (Russell), the two nominees (Ronnie & Lydia), and three other randomly selected players. They turn out to be Michele, Kevin, and Jesse. The host is Chima. They enter the backyard to find statues, arrows, etc – a very Roman theme. The competitors get 5 minutes to look over the items. In this game, they goal is to earn 3 points. To earn a point, you have to win a round. The host will ask a question, and each answer is always an amount. After your write down your answer and hear everyone else’s, they have two options: stay or fold, but if you fold you can’t earn a point. First player to three wins. If you are the worst answer and didn’t fold, you’re out.

  • 1) How many jewels on the emperors chariot? Jesse stays, everyone folded. He wins the first point.
  • 2) How many arrows are in the shield? Russell, Kevin, and Jesse stay. Winner is Russell. Kevin is eliminated for the furthest answer.
  • 3) How many grapes are in the platter? Russell, Lydia, and Jesse stayed. Russel wins. Lydia is out.
  • 4) How many marks on the gladiator’s belt? Michele stayed. She was the only one so regardless she wins.
  • 5) How many rats are in the Roman underworld cage? Michele Stayed. Only one again. She gets her second point.
  • 6) How many feathers in the helmet? Michele and Jesse stayed. Michele is closest and thus wins her second POV in a row!!!

During the POV competition, they cut to a confessional with Michele where she speaks confidently about her intelligence, where she knows that Ronnie thinks she’s not as smart. She says, “I’m the one with the PHD, so Ronnie, you’re a lot dumber than me.” Amen, sister girlfriend.

Cut to Ronnie talking to Michele now that she wins POV. He basically says he’ll do whatever she wants to stay in the house and that she can trust him and his alliance with Natalie, Jesse, and Chima, over Lydia who tends to sway to whoever is in power. She simply says, “We shall see.”



Now, Michele talks to Russell in private. As they talk, they decide that since they don’t really have a close friend in the house, that they should work as a team. As they talk in private, paranoia sets in on Jesse and Natalie as they keep tabs on them. They are so threatened. Natalie grows worried about Michele and tells Ronnie to beg and be more forcefully and to do whatever he needs to. So he does. He says that strategically if she votes him out she will be significantly weakened in the house and will be evicted because Natalie, Russell and Chima will blame her for his eviction.

Meanwhile, Chima starts being a bitch to Russell about scheming, but really because she was just as a jealous ex girlfriend when he was talking privately to Lydia, then to Michele. Russell is super annoyed and says to Jesse & Jeff that he should of just put her Chima’s ass up as she is growing on his last nerve. Then Jesse talks to Chima about it and tells her to cool it basically. Then Chima talks to Ronnie. Chima talks to Ronnie, and they discuss that he has no more power left after next week and he can’t be trusted. SURPRISE – Russell was listening outside the door. He peaks in glares, then closes it. Shortly afterwards, Jesse and Natalie come in and are totally spooked that Chima has compromised everything.


Michele has the POV and it’s time for the veto meeting. Ronnie and Lydia nominated. Michele gives
Ronnie the chance to lie/answer first (as she put it), then Lydia. There isn’t really any convincing – they just leave it up to her. Michele decided to use the power of veto on…no one!!!

So, Thursday it’s either Lydia or Ronnie that go home. Or is it? Who as the SECRET power of Coup D’Etat and WILL THEY USE IT!? I sure hope Ronnie goes home.