Big Brother 11 Episode 11 Recap: “I’m Not Just a Snake, I’m a King Cobra”

As the houseguest each get spun out of the HOH competition, 3.5 hours later Jeff and Russell remain. They decide to strike a deal that if Jeff hops of the carousel, giving Russell HOH, he will ensure that Jordan and Jeff will not be nominated. The first five people out of the HOH competition were eligible to win something. The first one off, Kevin, won a car. Lydia won a flat screen TV. Jordan won the power to decide which three people would be the Have Nots for the week. Since she didn’t want to get a target on her back, she did this randomly and the names she drew were Natalie, Jessie, and Kevin. Definitely glad that Jesse and Natalie got it. Squid & Squash for you bitches!

In a private discussion where they reaffirm their trust, Jeff & Russell decide that they should have a secret alliance because they are very strong competitors and no one would expect it, especially considering their big blow out in the first week.

Now, one by one everyone seems to be meeting with Russell to try to keep themselves safe before the nomination ceremony. First up: Lydia. She tells him that Jesse and Natalie are going to vote him out the first chance they get, and thinks they are stronger competitors as opposed to some of the other, such as herself or Kevin. After she leaves, Jesse, Natalie, and Chima flow into the HOH room to meet with Russell next, and Russell explains what Lydia said. They say she’s totally lying, conveniently making up stories right before nominations. After they leave, Ronnie goes in and also pleads his case. He asks Russell if he has anything to worry about this week, to which Russell responds that he does not.



Time for the nomination ceremony. Russell stays true to his word and keeps Jeff and Jordan safe. He obviously didn’t listen to Lydia, since Jesse and Natalie are safe too though. Down to the final two. The nominees are Lydia and Ronnie. Lydia has the most pissed off face I’ve seen on her yet. She looks like she’s about to put some sort of evil spell on someone in her head.

Tomorrow, we find out who had the mystery power. This can change EVERYTHING.

Russell explains his decision. He had heard Ronnie first hand talking smack about him to Lydia and Kevin and said that Ronnie is the snake and the mongoose needs to take him out. Ronnie in his confessionals says, “I’m not just a snake, I’m a King Cobra and a lot of the time the Cobra kills the mongoose.”