Cut off from the outside world, 12 contestants competing for $500,000 once again entered the Big Brother house last night, embarking on the 11th season. In Big Brother style, the houseguests had a number of twists thrown their way right off the bat.

The houseguests were let into the house in small groups, with the best rooms and beds obviously getting claimed first. The houseguests then gathered in the livingroom, nervously munching on some snacks and sipping on champagne. Here, the lying and strategizing began. To name a few, Chima didn’t disclose her age, Natalie lied about her age and her Olympic accomplishments, and Michele said she was a lab assistant when in fact she is a Neuroscientist. While they were getting to know each other (or lying to each other), Host Julie Chen interrupted them to drop a bomb. The game was going to be played with each individual being part of a common high school crowd. Julie then exclaimed, “Na na na, boo boo.” Just kidding – she didn’t say that.

In this summer season of Big Brother, the houseguests are going back to school so to speak – Mean Girls clique style. I had to reference Mean Girls – “I’m a mouse, duh!” So in this case, you have your athletes (JV Jocks), populars (the plastics), Brains (mathletes), and Oddballs (art freaks). Julie then went onto explain that if a member of your clique wins the title of Head of Household, your ENTIRE clique is safe from elimination. Wow, that changes things a lot. They really have to stick together within their respective cliques to take advantage of this.

The cliques were disclosed in the yard as follows…

Russell: 24 years old, of Walnut Creek, California. Commercial Real Estate Broker / Mixed Martial Arts Fighter
Jeff: 30 years old, of Norridge, Illinois. Advertising Salesman.
Natalie: 24 Years old of Gilbert, Arizona. Tae Kwon Do Champion.
Jesse: 23 Years old. Previously on Big Brother 10. Professional Body Builder

Jordan: 22 Years old, of Matthews, North Carolina. Waitress.
Braden: 28 Years old, of Santa Monica, California. Surfer.
Laura: 21 Years old, of Atlanta, Georgia. Has Big Boobs.

Michele: 27 years old of Pasadena, California. Neuroscientist.
Ronnie: 30 years old of Belpre, Ohio/ Video Game Expert.
Chima: 32 years old of West Hollywood, California. Freelance Journalist.

Kevin: 29 years old, of Chula Vista, California. Graphic Designer.
Lydia: 24 years old of Torrance, California. Special Effects Make-Up Artist.
Casey: 41 years old, of St. Petersburg, Florida. 5th Grade Teacher.

If you had to be categorized within one of the four, which clique would you belong to?

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So, then just when the houseguests thought all the surprises have been revealed, they were wrong. The Head of Household challenge consisted of all 12 of them being hung by a pair of underwear, “The Wedgie,” while they grasped onto a toilet seat hanging above them, branded with their name on it. Last one still holding on wins the title of Head of Household – or so they thought. ACTUALLY, there would be a 13th cast member that was about to join, and this 13th person will be the first Head of Household.


There were four contestants waiting behind the scenes with Julie Chen – one person representing each of the established cliques. They were all from previous seasons (to be expected) and consisted of Michael Cowboy Ellis from Season 5 who made it to the final two, Jessica from Big Brother 8 that lost track of the game by falling for another sly houseguest, Brian from Big Brother 10 who was the first houseguest evicted, and lastly Jesse from Big Brother 10 – the hot, hot beefcake from Season 8. Need a reminder….


Whichever clique wins the challenge determines which of the past “non-winners” would get to play Big Brother once again. First clique to all let go of their toilet seat were the Brains, thereby flushing Brian’s chances of joining the Big Brother cast again down the toilet. Ouch. First one voted off last time, and first one sent away (again) in his chance to rejoin. Too bad, he was cute. Second clique to all let go were the Offbeats, Sending the Cowboy back to the ranch as well. After several super wedgies, that left the competition to being between Popular and Athlete. Kinda predictable in this scenario. Handing by a thread, It ended up that Braden, the last of the Popular kids still being yanked by their underwear, could no longer hold on, meaning the Athletes win and Muscle Man Jesse from Season 10 joins the cast, giving Russell the Love Muscle from this season, as he’s called, a run for his muscles money.

SO, Jesse from last season is now the Head of Household and he must put two houseguests that are not from his clique onto the chopping block.

My guess is that it will be a Brains and an Offbeat. I’ll say it will be down to Ronnie and Lydia. Nothing against them, but I just think that that is who Jesse will pick.

Who do you think will be the 1st houseguest voted off of Big Brother 11?

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Big Brother will broadcast 3 nights a week starting on Sunday, July 12th (8:00-9:00pm, ET/PT), Tuesday, July 14th (9:00-10:00pm, ET/PT) and the live eviction show, hosted by Julie Chen, starts Thursday, July 16th (8:00-9:00pm, live ET/delayedPT). Check out the Big Brother recap every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on