I would give anything to figure out what Beyonce’s master plan is for this year. I’m completely perplexed on what her end goal is. She started the year with performances at the Super Bowl and Presidential Inauguration. Bey then followed that up with ad campaigns for H&M and Pepsi. Soon thereafter she embarked on the Mrs. Carter World Tour. But with all that, no music videos or singles have been officially released nor details about her upcoming fifth studio album. What gives?

Today, we finally get a new visual from the 31-year-old singer. However, it’s not a music video (though “Grown Woman” is played throughout), but rather to debut her newly-revamped website. Only Beyonce 😉 She flashes a major grill while wearing a sequined cat-like hat in the short clip. Who knows what it all means? Hopefully, something substantial. I’m getting a tad impatient. I want music videos and a new album by the time her tour stops in my city in November. Check out the vid below.

Beyonc̩ РSite Preview