This isn’t the first time Beyonce has surprised teens dancing to her song. It’s like she’s a genie in a bottle, but instead of rubbing a lamp, you just get shake it to one of her tracks and she just shows up! If I was her, I’d be doing the same thing. How amazing it is seeing the look on the faces of these kids!

Yesterday, a group of middle school kids were dancing to the “Let’s Move” track (a rework of her “Get Me Bodied”) in their school gym when they were caught of guard by Beyonce joining them in their dance halfway through. The choreographed dance/workout was part of the NAB Education Foundation and Michelle Obama‘s initiative to get kids more active. Pedro Albizu Campos middle school in Harlem was the school she stopped in at. In the video, you notice this kids get that much more into their groove once they realize they are in the presence of the Queen B. The only thing missing was a huge fan to get all their hair blowing. Check it out!