Beyonce’s Super Bowl Half-Time Show With Destiny’s Child: Watch It Here

YES! Beyonce performed at the Super Bowl XLVII Half-Time Show and killed it – visually and musically! She started with the opening of “Run The World (Girls),” but the first song actually turned out to be “Love On Top,” followed by “Crazy In Love.” After that, she and her dancers started stomped their feet and went into “End Of Time” which I love! Beyonce then sang “Baby Boy” (one of my favorite Beyonce songs) with two backup dancers and some super fancy lighting effects.

Despite Michelle Williams trying to be tricky and tell people that she was too busy to be at the Super Bowl, it was at this point in the Half-Time show that Destiny’s Child reunited and performed together with Kelly Rowland and Michelle launching from underneath the stage after Beyonce gave the role-call for “Bootylicious.” I seriously got chills! From there, the girls transitioned into “Independent Women.” After that, Beyonce was bored of D.C. songs and had the girls join her for one of hers, with the ladies singing “Single Ladies.” After that, Beyonce had her former girl group members leave the stage so she could close with “Halo.” I enjoyed the upbeat version of the song but I wouldn’t have expected her to close with it.

Re-watch the performance in the video below and vote for which Half-Time show you preferred – Madonna (2012) or Beyonce (2013).

Beyonce 2013 Super Bowl Half-Time Show Performance

Which Half-Time Show Did You Enjoy More?

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  • Gabriel

    Madonna’s performance should not be compared with Beyonce’s….they are in two different leagues. Beyonce literally had the best super bowl performance ever

  • Ander A,

    Don’t get me wrong, I actually like Beyoncé. When the whole National Anthem `scandal’, please call Kelly Washington to fix it, I was ruling for her. I’ve seen some of her mind blowing performances at music awards either acoustic or dancing and both at the same time.
    One thing was clear; this was Queen B’s show. Cameras on her, thousands of her on screens, fierce looks, dance offs against herself, all great but where was the spectacularity?

    Tease striptease, Madonna did it last year, and if we want to talk about the real thing we still have Janet; fireworks hmm isn’t that a thing of every show. Screen with multiple Beyoncés, didn’t she do the exact same thing a couple of years back? And wasn’t she accused of plagiarizing an Italian singer? Nothing she hasn’t done before.

    The whole built up for the much anticipated DC reunion, were Michelle and Kelly singing or were their mics on mute? Minions this is Queen B moment you’re just here to show how much better she is. And by the way if you guys haven’t checked out this blog please do, and I feel that there are going to be some additions to it. Poor Michelle she missed the memo that the outfits were not supposed to have skirts, again.
    But well they sang off some of their hits together including B’s smashing Single Ladies that they didn’t finish so everyone could see that what an amazing dancer Beyoncé is, and she truly is.
    In general it was Beyoncé’s show that was clear, but was she really over budget for that? Was it that epic? Was it that spectacular?
    I’ve seen better

  • EvChemical

    B slayed. Simple as that. I was hoping it would have been a tad longer, but was flawless none the less.

  • Rob

    wow that was amazing that was incredible that girl is bionic!

  • Did anyone notice the rest of Destiny’s child had their mikes at a considerably lower volume that Beyonce’s?

  • Gabriel

    @Ander because she has done certain things before does not take away from the fact that is was a great performance. I feel like people were expecting her to have dancing unicorns with Jesus as a special guest. She had 10-15 minutes and the choreography was flawless, the vocals were flawless, everything was crisp and entertaining. Although these are mere opinions, who has delivered on this scale in recent memory. DEFINITELY NOT Madonna. I think we watched two different performances, but to each his own.

  • Jake

    I want Britney Spears to be next. 😛

  • Vlaovik

    She’s got a great voice but I thought the performance was frantic and grim. Gosh have they forgotten about melody? It teetered on the wrong side of uncontrolled….oh and Michelle wore a skirtlette kind of thing. Please dont tell me it was great cuz I thought it really sucked.

  • Peter

    i’m not a hater, i actually like beyonce. i just didn’t think it was that great. madge>beyonce but it was a good effort and much better than most of the halftime shows. good job overall 🙂

  • Nega

    Biyatch was disappointing!! Totally nothing new,all recycled moves! If not those visuals ,the performance is LAME!

  • Matt

    Anybody who thinks Madonna has even come close to performing at Beyonce’s level as got mental issues.

  • Ander A,

    @Gabriel I ‘m actually more of B fan than a Madonna fan, I agree that Beyonce is crisp, poise and an excellent performer. The show it self it was good , but it wasn’t nothing new. I guess in my case I expect the half time to be something spectacular with a dose of familiarity.Almost taking those beloved performances to a new level .
    Last year’s Madonna’s rendition achieved that , this years it was merely a Beyonce concert with DC as guests.

  • Brett

    Well, what can I say. Beyonce was fierce and were vocals and moves were impressive. It was a top notch half time….but Vogue and Like A Prayer from last year had Beyonce beat. I’m probably biased but hey, I’d rather watch Madge be pulled in by a bunch of beefy gladiators anyday 🙂

  • Lukas A. James

    I like beyonce …sooo hold your hats….but I think that performace was lack luster. I was a bar in Toronto…and they stopped the show to watch the ultimate lip sync er… was totally boring and lack luster…..everyone was talking and distracted…..I love her..but I have to was not that impressive. Could not wait for the real lip sync ers to take the stage and turn off the monitors. It’s easy to follow the herd…it takes a tough skin to call it hard and call it real….it was no Madonna or Prince|!!!

  • Bigger

    Madonna is better, Nothing new about Beyonce!

  • Micheal

    When Beyoncé snatched some of you all’s wigs, you must have gotten a head cold, because she absolutely slayed and to believe Madonna was better is ridiculous. Madonna doesn’t have Beyoncé’s vocals or choreography and quite frankly passion for performing (not at this moment in her career anyway).

    Also, Madonna has been around 30+ years and at least twice as long as Bey. Come back 15 years later and tell me about performances being “familiar” and “nothing new.”

  • justin

    my only issue with the beyonce performance was the fact that it looked like she just recycled the same concepts from her other performances.
    the dancing in front of the screen was from her billboard music awards performance
    the red lighting and black outfit with a couple backup dancers looked like her ring the alarm performance and i feel like she used her grammy award performance of if i were a boy/ you oughtta know for some inspiration.
    the one thing madonna did do well was give an overall cohesive concept that looked like a set from her concert.
    beyonce looked like she was just redoing some her best performances from award shows.

  • hizi

    I think you guys are a bit too harsh on her…yes i was expecting something new too but it still was an AWESOME show.

  • Ari

    Give me His Purple Majesty Prince over Beyonce or Madonna anyday of the week! I’m sorry but a performer doesn’t trump raw talent and PROVEN career status! Prince will be in the game a helluva lot longer than Bey ever will. Madge’s performance was all budget but lip-synced. And even then look up Ms. Diana Ross if you want a performance AND exit! Come on people! It’s not hard. I’ll give Beyonce her points since she made it to the stage. The same with Madge (even with her walker) but I would rather see an artist than a performer, but if I have to see a performer, please give me someone that has proven themselves.

  • daws

    I’ll have to rewatch Madonna’s but Beyonce had my booty shaking. She killed it.

  • Kristopher

    Sorry but Beyonce’s performance was mediocre. She sang about not even 10% of that 13 minutes and the rest her rehashing her tired old stripper booty shaking cliched moves. this was fine for her club performances but it’s the Superbowl, she did not bring a worthy performance.

  • Marco

    Madonna did it better, imo! Madonna’s halftime performance was well thought out… the stage design, floor visuals, the transition, the choreography, costume changes, choice of songs, and the variety of performers.

    Beyonce’s performance, on the other hand, lacks creativity. Though I must commend her for singing it live… But it was the same all throughout! The Destiny’s Child reunion could have been the major highlight of her halftime show but I can barely hear the solos of Kelly and Michelle.

    I am a fan of both and I think they both killed their halftime performances. They both displayed great choreogrpahies and great energy! but we have to take note, Madonna was 53 when she did her halftime performance. So if asked who did it better? There’s no doubt, Madonna did it better!

  • Evan

    Wow BEYONCE. Just wow. One of the WORST, if not the WORST Superbowl/ live performances I have EVER seen. Bad wardrobe, horrible song selections, awkward choreography. So sad to see such a beautiful and talented woman become yet another pop tart. When will advertises learn that we demand more than revealing outfits, more than sexual gestures/innuendo, more than lip-syncing. The only people happy right now are the people at Pepsi and the teeny boppers. I’m sorry, but was Adele busy? Or anyone who can sing live? Why not ask Jennifer Hudson or Alicia Keys, you know, the ones who didn’t lip sync. So sad. R.I.P Beyonce’s Talent 🙁

  • Donny

    This is not even a contest. Madonna’s show was way, Way, WAY better! Beyonce did a nice job, though.

  • @Evan – “R.I.P Beyonce’s Talent :-(”

    And your good sense. Beyonce crushed it.

  • Jay

    Beyonce was fierce! it was such a treat. I actually think the “lipsync fiasco” was fabricated publicity rumors to build up to the superbowl performance.

    To those ppl postin Madonna’s was better….. you guys don’t have to defend Madonna like she is your god all the time…. I know she is a gay icon but don’t be too one sided and biased on everything Madonna.

  • Ok people we need to talk.

    1st of all the comparisons to Madonna or Beyonce is the stupidest argument ever, they are completely different. First of all Madonna is Madonna, she can shit on stage and people will gag for it. So get that out of the way.

    Beyonce Sang live the whole time, and sang all her songs the whole time, with help from her former bandmates, but they sang her songs. Beyonce is like Tina Turner, its her and the stage.

    Madonna had the epic entrances and she had the CLASSIC songs. However she relied on LMFAO, NIcky Minaj, MIA and an AWFUL stage show with the tighrope walkers and stuff. She did NOT sing live

    At the end of the day who cares. It’s a stupid argument that no one will win ever.

    But beyonce was better.

  • Dee

    I cant believe people are choosing Madonna over Beyonce. Did you guys for get that Madonna almost fell twice and she did fall once and that dude jumping on the rope sucked. Also LMFAO sucked too.

  • Szentpetery

    but Dee, madonna took risks and did something different. Beyonce pieced together shows that she’s done before. and she barely sang. yeah she yelled a few words of each song live. good job.

  • REs

    You know your on a site with a bunch of sissies when people are bringing up old ass Madonna, really? I didn’t know she was relevant at all. And it shows you guys’ age. The Beyonce performance was underwhelming. Anyone who is a Beyonce fan or followers her career has seen her do that same performance umpteenth times. Even the DC mini reunion was underwhelming. They were out there for all of 5 minutes and sang Single Ladies, which isn’t even a Destiny’s Child song. I agree with someone when they said the songs were a bad choice. Why would she come to the Super Bowl and sing songs that weren’t hits and are almost 2 years old?! She should have done a melody of actual hit songs and gave us a teaser of her new sound.

  • REs

    *you’re typos sorry

  • jr89

    The best part was destiny’s child and yeah their voice volume were so lower than beyoncé. Overall a normal show. Could you put that one from Alicia Keys and Justin Timberlake?

  • bc

    Madonna’s entire show was far better than Beyonce’s and I’m a fan of both artists.

    The numbers are in today and Madonna’s show is still #1 as having the biggest audience, so there you go.

  • bc

    @TommyD, Beyonce had a backing vocal track, don’t kid yourself.

  • bc

    @REs, so then I guess I’m an old sissy?
    SO ? What you going to do about it?

  • fme

    madonna’s show last year was a worldwide event…i’m from latin america and the hype for her show was massive.
    beyonce’s was a lack of originality, a bit bored indeed…
    madonna put a more theatrical show, with a concept and cohesive set list…
    madonna was way better than beyonce

  • jaavee

    The arguments as to why Madonna is so much better than everyone else is so damn tiring. You all look like fools putting a stranger so high on a pedestal.

  • Peter

    jaavee the same argument can be made against some of the beyonce supporters. many are using some of the same tired arguments such as Madonna’s age. if anything, it makes it that much more impressive that a 53 year old could put on such a spectacular show. beyonce will be 53 one day too. we’ll see how much she’s gyrating and flipping her weave then.

  • JMC

    Madonna’s show was superior, fans of Beyonce know this and are in denial. Beyonce’s show was great but it wasn’t worthy of the Super Bowl halftime show, it ran more like an awards show performance. It didn’t have the scale and spectacle that the Super Bowl deserves. Same old choerography and forgettable costuming.

    Madonna’s was on a different scale, it was a real epic. The costumes, the hits, the dancers and especially the special effects. I love Beyonce but I was disappointed that this is all she had to offer.

  • MJon

    I think people just have different tastes in singing and dancing. In dance Beyonce is more r&b, soul, hip hop, and current while Madonna is more pop. In singing Beyonce is pop but also more r&b, a bit of soul while Madonna is basically pop with some techno and latin influences.

    Personally pop artists that have no r&b or soul influence always seem to dance very stiff and robotic to me. And their voices often sound bland with no belting power, vocal control, or vocal variation. So guess I’m biased towards Beyonce. Maybe some people don’t like or just don’t get r&b and soul influences. In that case they’d prefer Madonna.

  • OdetoFear

    I couldn’t believe how inaudible Michelle and Kelly’s microphones were. That’s ridiculous. I keep wanting to give Beyonce a chance; there’s no denying she has talent as a singer and performer (but not actor) but this bullshit Diva stunt was too much. Seriously is she that insecure about herself? Overall, i can be unbiased and say she had a great performance, very lively and entertaining, but I still feel Madonna’s was better. Madonna is just a better showman.

  • bb

    It was bad, she even did not sing 4 most of halftime show. She did the same dance moves as always. She did the Billboard awards thing again nothing new. I only saw copy & paste show.

    I also noticed that the rest of Destiny’s child girls the mics where turned down.

  • Jan

    The elderlies love their Madonna, and who can blame their sight and hearing when they fail to see that Madonna is irrelevant these days.