For Beyonce’s debut as new Pepsi spokesperson, she pushed around a cart full of the beverage. For the newest promo artwork, she channels Marilyn Monroe and Campbell’s Soup. If you understand those references, then you clearly know your pop culture, or should I say pop art- an art movement popularized by Andy Warhol in the 1960s.

Beyonce is the latest to incorporate Warhol’s imagery for advertising. The 31-year-old singer is seen wearing bright pink lips, blue eye shadow and neon yellow hair in the ad. She wrote the following on her Facebook, “Pop Art inspires me to Live for NOW.”

I wonder if this new ad will re-ignite the controversy surrounding Beyonce’s $50 million deal. A few thought it was hypocritical for her to sign with Pepsi, given she’s worked closely with Michelle Obama with her health platform. As we all know, soda is a huge factor in the growing problem of childhood obesity. Where do you stand on the situation? Ponder that thought, while you check out Beyonce’s new ad below.

What do you think of Beyonce’s pop art-inspired Pepsi ad? Is it fierce or boring? Do you agree that Bey is being a hypocrite for promoting Pepsi while being an advocate for Michelle Obama’s childhood obesity initiative? Sound off below.