This time last week, Beyonce was working out some serious hairography at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Almost universally, the performance was lauded for being entertaining and fierce. Speaking of fierce, Buzz Feed wrote a post reliving Bey’s 33 most fiercest moments from her performance. From her reunion with Michelle & Kelly to rocking it out with a flaming guitarist, every moment was documented.

While most readers were pleased with the post, one certain person wasn’t… Beyonce’s publicist. She contacted Buzz Feed to kindly request them to take down seven photos she deemed to be the “worst” of the bunch. Hilariously, the website posted a copy of the email on their site. LOL. Love it. Just another reminder to always think twice before pressing that send button.

Personally, I don’t think they’re unflattering at all. Are they her best? No, but during a performance you can’t always be picture photoshopped perfect. Ask any supermodel and they’ll let you know being fierce and looking gorgeous don’t always go hand in hand. Then add singing, dancing and stank faces to the mix, it’s only natural that a few unflattering pics might pop up amongst the gems. Check out the seven offending photos below.

Do you think the above pictures are unflattering? A couple of them are hilarious, but I don’t think anything Beyonce or her team should worry about. Sound off below.

To check out the publicist’s email to Buzz Feed, click here. For Buzz Feed’s 33 fiercest Super Bowl moments, click here.