Uh oh, Beyoncé had another incident with a fan on her Mrs. Carter World Tour. This time it wasn’t a man slapping her butt, but rather with her trusty wind machine. To be perfectly honest, given her love with these high-powered fans, I’m surprised this hasn’t happened sooner to her or J. Lo or other divas who are obsessed with wind in face.

The incident occurred in Montreal, Canada last night. Ever the professional, Bey continued to belt out “Halo” as stagehands attempted to free her. Even though she doesn’t miss a beat, you can clearly see in her eyes she’s a tad fearful. The star was in good humor about the incident after the show, taking to her Instagram to post both video and a fun note about the ordeal. Check out the incident below.

Beyoncé’s Hair Gets Stuck In Fan

Beyoncé – Dance For You

Here’s a happier time with her fan machine. It begins at the 3:06 mark. I just love this video and any excuse to put it up, I will.