We first heard a snippet of “Grown Woman” in Beyonce’s fierce Pepsi commercial over a month ago. At long last, we finally have an opportunity to listen to the Timberland-produced track in full. I, for one, am appreciative the entire version has leaked. I immediately found the tribal rhythm and pounding bass line irresistible.

Hopefully, a music video is in the works. I couldn’t help but picture the Pepsi commercial in loop as I listened to the entire track. It would be nice to have another visual associated with the catchy song. If a clip is coming soon, I fully expect it to be extremely sexual based on the song lyrics. Bey certainly isn’t shy about her skills in the bedroom.

“I’m a grown woman,” she sings, “So I know how to ride it / I’m a grown woman / And I’m so erotic / I’m a grown woman / And now I got you so excited / I’m a grown woman / Look at my body / It ain’t no fun if a girl can’t have none / Really want to know how I got it like that / ‘Cause I got a cute face / And my booty so fat.”

Beyonce ‘Grown Woman’

Now that you’ve heard the full-length version in full, are you a fan of the track? I still find it odd that out of all the possible names, Beyonce picked the same title as a Kelly Rowland track. Do you think the song from her H&M commercial will leak sometime soon as well? If these two tracks are any indication of what’s to come from her yet-untitled fifth studio album, I expect another best-selling effort complete with numerous hit singles. Sound off below.