Earlier this year, there was speculation that Beyonce might be pregnant. Beyonce put these rumors to rest in a live performance where she acknowledged her baby bump, then announced that she was indeed expecting. Shortly after, the rumors were just the opposite. People starting wondering if she wore a prosthetic bump at the MTV Awards to emphasize her pregnancy. Now, the rumors have picked up more momentum with a new related incident.

In an interview Sunday Night HD, Beyonce walks in and sits down with the interviewer. Here’s the thing. As she sits down, her baby bump completely folds. So the rumors that I’ve read now are that she’s not actually pregnant and that she and Jay-Z actually have a surrogate mother.

So Beyonce may or may not be pregnant and may or may not have a surrogate involved. But one things for sure, the video and screen shots of the interview do show the bump folding. What’s the point in misleading people with a fake bump? See for yourself below.