Beyoncé Debuts Her “Countdown” Music Video

Alright Beyoncé fans, get ready to go mod with your Queen B. The singer’s new single is vibrant and spastic (in a good way) and the music video matches it perfectly. Pulling some inspiration for the legendary Audrey Hepburn and her funny faces and dances, B and her crew pull out a colorful video that is sure to put a smile on your face.

The video is directed by Adria Petty and if you’ve seen Beyoncé’s “Sweet Dreams” video, you’ll see some of the editing and shooting similarities. If you think that the song has a few memorable notes, you’re not wrong. “Countdown” samples the great Boyz II Men track “Uh Ahh.” Check out B’s new video below.


Pretty awesome right? It definitely has the same vibe as Sweet Dreams for me and is a more artistic effort from Beyoncé than what we’ve seen from her previous three singles and videos. I love B took risks with her music this album and in turn, is doing the same with her videos. Sound off on your thoughts with the video below.

  • Tanner

    All the Canadian Beyonce fans are crying because they can’t watch… wahhhh

  • delroy

    Just got the chance to watch it today in the UK. all that i can say is that this true artist is one of a few and i mean very little artist that will put out a video that plays on my mind all day. This is a good thing in my books as i like the fact that she experiments which i find very rare for r&b artists, well that’s what i have been seeing in the past couple of years. And i agree with you on the risk that she took with her Lp, as i remember reading that they wanted her to have more uptempo songs added. At least she had faith in what she made unlike all these acts that are jumping on whats hot at the moment.