Beyonce Snags 2015 Vogue September Issue And Makes History


Here’s another accolade for Mrs. Carter. Like she needs anymore 🙂

The 33-year-old singer snagged the coveted Vogue September issue cover. In doing so, she becomes the first black female artist to grace the influential issue. Overall, Beyonce is the third black female to score the September cover. Naomi Campbell and Halle Berry previously appeared on the covers in 1989 and 2010 respectively.

This marks Queen Bey’s third Vogue cover overall. She landed on both the April 2009 (left) and March 2013 (right) editions. For her latest, she’s wearing a gorgeous Marc Jacobs lace dress with wet hair. I can’t wait to see the accompanying fashion spread inside.

This year’s issue comes in at 832 pages. The 2012 edition featuring Lady Gaga holds the record for being the biggest issue with a whopping 916 pages. Check out the Mario Testino-snapped images below.


For more, head over to VOGUE.

  • belladonnamadon

    I’m so proud of Beyonce & even tho I don’t agree with Vogues lack of Women of color for over 100years & still to this day will pick Blake Lively who’s not even that big of a star over Carrie Washington (who’s never been on vogue) who’s also one of the biggest TV stars on the planet I’m still going to celebrate this. But not because BeyoncĂ©’s on Vogues September issue. I’m celebrating the fact that she’s so big that Anna said to herself – Vogue is selling less & less every year I need to but the biggest star in the world on the cover & to her sadness it wasn’t Taylor Swift ( who I love) it was BeyoncĂ© “a black women” & that’s who she needs to stop Vogue from slipping more. With over 300 issues & only 33 have been people of color Latino in included, my question is …………..if Vogue hasnt cared about all Women of beauty for over 100 years & it sells less then O magazine & Instyle magazine & has less diversity then Elle & GQ, why in 2015 do we still care about Vogue?