Beyonce Kills It At The 2009 MTV Europe Music Awards


This woman is amazing. Last night, Beyonce performed Sweet Dreams at the 2009 MTV Europe Music Awards in Berlin, Germany – hosted by Katy Perry. Good for Beyonce! I think she had to step it up, given all of Lady Gaga’s recent out of this world performances. Beyonce dancing is no match for Lady Gaga though. Beyonce knows how to move. For real. But really, does Beyonce ever disappoint in an award show performance? Not in my opinion. She looked so hot in red too!

Not only did she kick butt in her performance, but she also took home three awards! She won Best Song and Best Video for “Single Ladies,” as she should, and also won Best Female!

Last night they also were celebrating the upcoming 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall (which is on November 9th) as well, with a special tribute performance from U2.

Beyonce – “Sweet Dreams”

  • Adam

    I totally think that Lady GaGa has raised the bar for performers. She is not afraid to be out there and give an amazing performance, both vocally and visually. And it’s good to see that other artists are finally getting the hint

  • Am I the only gay person on Earth who HATES that overrated bitch Beyonce Knowles? I can’t stand her singing and the fact that she’s whiter than a redneck. Give me Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson, Mary J. Blige, and Rihanna any day over Mrs. Jay-Z. Oh, and Lady GaGa is great.

  • Dan

    Adam – I couldn’t agree with you more. I love the ourtrageousness that is now Lady Gaga performances!

  • bruin

    hate her or love her homeslice brought in 80 million bucks last year so you can kiss her sexy ass lol

    her performance was very good but it was too short! a lot of hot dancing but not enough singing. she did not even finish her song and the remix was not that good. like having blue balls i would say…..

  • Harlequin

    I was never the biggest fan of Beyonce, until I went and saw her live in March. BEST concert I have EVER been to. And now I’m a rabid fan. I can’t get enough. Her dancing, her singing, the way she talks to people.

    Going to Gaga in December, so we’ll see how they compare. 😛

  • Hans

    Was it just me or did it seem like her face mask got caught in her hair at the beginning, and she kept having to try to dig it out?