Beverly Hills, 90210 Reunion For Old Navy

This Spring, Old Navy reunited “Blossom” costars Mayim Bialik and Joey Lawrence. For its Fall ad campaign, the retailer looked to the cast of another classic show to star in their back to school commercials. Who better to call than the kids from West Beverly High.

You’ve probably already seen the commercial featuring Jason Priestley (Brandon Walsh) and Gabrielle Carteris (Andrea Zuckerman) where she finally declares her love to Priestley. It only took over a decade, but oh well. It’s still not going to happen. As all hardcore fans of the show know, Priestley was all about Jennie Garth’s Kelly Taylor.

In the second 90210-themed commercial, Garth appears along with Luke Perry and Priestley. Once again, she has to make a choice. It’s the love triangle that won’t die. Who does she choose this time around, Brandon or Dylan? Perhaps, she chooses someone/something else? Find out below.

Are you enjoying this trip down nostalgia lane? Don’t you think Priestley, Garth and Perry all look great? They’re all in their 40s now and haven’t aged that much, especially Garth. She looks even better now than before. If Brian Austin Green (David Taylor) or Ian Ziering (Steve Sanders) don’t pop up in an Old Navy ad, I’ll feel cheated. Don’t you agree? Keep it coming, Old Navy. Keep it coming.

  • rogelio

    the one with “brandon and andrea” is way funnier… and that “she’s not new” girl is really cute…

  • CC

    Now that Garth is single; she really can go after the two (3-way anyone?)