Betty Who Satisfies With New Track ‘Taste’

Betty Who continues her winning streak with her latest single off her first EP in five years. Betty Pt. 1, out June 15, is her first as an independent artist after leaving her record label. It’s the first in a series of her conceptual new music rollout. A second EP will be released in the fall and a full-length album next year.

Taste,” penned by Betty, JHart, Viljar Losnegård, Sivert Hjeltnes Hagtvet & Pretty Sister, is a sultry offering that explores the thrill of an insatiable craving. “I’ve been wanting to put out a song like ’Taste’ for a while,” Who said in a statement. “It’s sexy, a little rock and roll with just a touch of vampire fetish. What more could a girl need?”

Give “Taste” a sample below.

Betty Who ‘Taste’