Who Is, Betty Who?

I love when music gives you a little bit a of throwback. Right now, it seems like that may be the trend for 2013 and my man Justin Timblerlake is setting that trend. Yesterday, I came across an artist fresh out of Australia named Betty Who and her new single is nothing but a clean slice of 80’s realness. From the power synth melodies and chords to the way the lyrics and hook were written, Somebody Loves You is sure to take you back to neon colors, fanny packs and leg warmers.

“Betty Who’s anthemic indie pop is an irresistible mix of bold soundscapes, Top 40 hooks, and knowing lyrics,” states her bio on her official Facebook page. “Born and raised in Sydney, she played cello by age four and wrote her first pop songs in her early teens. Her voice is striking, her performances are hypnotic, and a lifetime of world travel informs her aesthetic. With her signature heels and spiked blonde locks, the six-foot-two Aussie can’t help but take you higher.”

Take a glance at her cute video for Somebody Loves You below. I really hope that she catches on here in North America and makes a splash this year.

Betty Who, “Somebody Loves You”