Betty Who Kicks Off New Era With Empowering Single ‘Ignore Me’

Betty Who is doing it her way for her new era. The 26-year-old singer is no longer with RCA Records and forging ahead as an independent artist. Appropriately enough, her new single is a liberating and empowering anthem titled “Ignore Me.” The Aussie pop star explained on Instagram her decision to go the indie route.

“Ignore Me will be my first song released as an independent artist in five years. Every decision made was mine, every detail was agonised over, and every last bit of my heart is in this song. I can finally put out music the way I’ve always wanted to: straight from me to you.

If I’m being honest, this is a totally unknown and terrifying time for me. While being exciting, of course, it is very much uncharted territory and my biggest fear is that I will let you beautiful humans down. But I’ve never let fear dictate the choices I’ve made or hold me back from something I have wanted to do since I was five years old, so why start now?
Because that’s really all this is: my childhood dream come true. I used to spend hours in my bedroom choreographing Nsync dances and trying to recreate the Britney HBO special just imagining that one day I would be on stage singing songs that I wrote and entertaining thousands of people. And holy shit, that’s already happened. How lucky am I?

The only reason I can say all of this, be honest with you and share this new music and live out this amazing fantasy of mine is because of you and your support. Lots of people don’t believe in me. That’s never going to change. But you guys, for what ever reason, have and I will continue to try to live up to that and give you all of me.

So this is for you and only you. And there will be so much more to come.”

Label or no label, it hasn’t affected her music. “Ignore Me” is as fantastic as her previous earworms. Give it a listen below.

Betty Who ‘Ignore’