Betty Who Is Attracted To Herself In ‘Between You & Me’ Music Video

Betty Who kicked off her new era with “Between You & Me” which found the 27-year-old Aussie returning to her singer-songwriter roots. It’s a flirty acoustic-pop gem that’s about wanting to take the next step.

The accompanying visual depicts exactly that. The thing is though, the person she’s wanting to do it with looks an awful lot like her. Betty plays both characters who find themselves navigating a powerful attraction.

“The video was a trip to film because, while playing against myself, I basically have to film the video twice. I never know how it’s going to turn out because as we’re filming it seems so high-concept but when I saw the final product I was so shocked. I can’t believe how bad I wanted me to end up with myself!”

Between You & Me” is the lead single off her forthcoming third studio record titled Betty out February 15, 2019. The LP marks a huge milestone in her career, as it will be the first independent album she releases. Betty will contain three tracks from Betty Pt. 1 – “Ignore Me,” “Just Thought You Should Know” and “Taste” – which was released earlier this year.

Definitely check out the clip below. It’s an adorable lesbian love story.

Betty Who ‘Between You & Me’ Music Video