Luciana & Betty White Premiere “I’m Still Hot” Music Video

Luciana & Betty White‘s highly anticipated music video for “I’m Still Hot” premiered last night (October 11th) fittingly at The Abbey in West Hollywood. Now, you can watch Betty White prove that at 89-years old, she’s still hot in the awesome music video in support of The Lifeline Project (a life insurance settlement company that helps seniors and baby boomers pay for retirement).

As the video kicks off, Betty is at the L.A. Zoo when Luciana pulls up and the battle begins… “I’m smokin, I’m in a whirl… I’m still a Golden Girl. I may be a senior…so what! Guess what, I’m still hot!” These two look like they had an absolute blast filming this.

Stay tuned at the end of the video to watch Betty White continually shovel cheesecake into Luciana’s mouth. “I’m on a diet Betty,” says Luciana. “Yeah, a cheesecake diet,” responds Betty. Enjoy the video below and check out The Lifeline Project for information on the whole program.

  • Love it! Beefcakes…

  • TOO FUNNY!! I just downloaded this last night and am OBSESSED with everything Luciana does ATM 😛