In news sure to thrill both me and Dan, non-stop octogenarian Betty White will guest star on the best thing on T.V., NBC’s Community.

Ms. White will be playing “professor June Bauer, an esteemed, albeit slightly unhinged, anthropology professor” in the second season premier.

Golden Girl alumni do very well in guest roles. Bea Arthur earned an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series for her role on Malcolm in the Middle, and White herself earned three nominations and one win for the same category. Nominations for a role on Yes Dear! (one of my guilty pleasures), Suddenly Susan (another guilty pleasure) and My Name is Earl (NOT one of my guilty pleasures). She won back in ’96 on The John Larroquette Show (who honestly remembers that?).

Speaking of the Emmys: PTU-EY! That’s me spitting on them. No nominations for Community is a down right criminal offence. I can count at least two episodes that should have been nominated for both directing and writing (the Godfather tribute, and the action movie homage). Also, Dani Puddi deserved a nod for supporting actor. I mean, 30 Rock, and The Office both got multiple nods, and they’re both coasting on earlier season success. I barely even remember to watch those shows anymore. Although, the Jim and Pam wedding did make me tear up a little.

Here’s hoping that the bright star that is Betty White will bring some notoriety to the show. Previous guest stars have included Jack Black and Owen Wilson, but I don’t think they were promoted very well.

No scheduled air date for the episode has been announced, but it’s most likely to be in September.