Beto Malfacini Sizzles For Junior Revista

Beto Malfacini is the very definition of tall, dark and handsome. YOWZA. It should be illegal to be this damn sexy. I don’t know what I find more attractive, his tanned toned physique or his killer smile. That mischievous smirk is too much.

Malfacini covers the latest issue of Revista Junior. They certainly didn’t spare any expense with the wardrobe. That one pair of jeans and sole swimsuit must’ve put them over budget 😉 Lucio Luna photographed the Brazilian male model for the 49th issue of the publication. Check out his sizzling photoshoot below.

  • Steve-O

    My jaw has dropped and I’m speechless!!! God he is sexy…the body, the tan, the stubble the smile….WOW!!

  • Lynette Wilson

    Wow he’s so gorgeous Beto Malfacini incredible brown skin, lovely legs he’s so tall amazing set of beautiful white teeth the best teeth I have ever seen on a human being they are much more whiter then pearls. I love his smile it is truly amazing the best smile on the face of the planet on a man. I thank you Beto Malfacini are made to do Movies and TV shows you are very comfortable in front of the camera and the camera most certainly loves you so much, you have a wonderful heart and a great soul may God bless you you are wonderful.