Best News Bloopers Of February 2013

With February wrapping up this week, it’s the perfect time to share the best news bloopers from this month with you. There were lots to laugh to in January, and February definitely doesn’t disappoint either. There’s just something about messing up your lines or random (and funny) things happening on live television that I just love watching. It’s amazing how so many good line flubs can happen each and every month.

In the very first clip on the montage, a female news anchor in Canada is telling her male co-anchor about how when her baby was teething, he used to take the big fat rubber end of her vibrating toothbrush and shove it in his mouth. She then proceeds to do the action and verbalize what she felt he would have been saying if he could talk. As you can imagine, the whole conversation and visual looks and sounds very dirty and her co-anchor can barley contain himself.

Enjoy the bloopers video montage below. Can’t wait to see what March has in store for us!

Best News Bloopers Of February 2013

  • Nick

    what a bitch how long have had an std does everyone has it or is it cause she’s black that’s rasist as fuck

  • VanCity

    1: First news anchor was hilarious and that guy had a cute smile
    2: That assault between the old man and the reporter – Intense
    3: Those girls in lingerie at the end… HILARIOUS!