With the latest James Bond movie raking in boffo dollars at the box office, I thought it was the perfect time to share my favorite theme songs from the spy series. Originally, I wanted to write this post the second I heard Adele’s “Skyfall“. In the end, I decided to wait a few weeks since I was on an emotional high hearing new music from the “Rolling In The Deep” singer. Her moody, smoky contribution is the epitome of what a 007 song should be. That said, how does it stack up to my all-time favorites? Let’s face it, some songs stand the test of time better than others, while others are instant trainwrecks the second they are released.

With 23 films made, dating back to 1962, picking a favorite song from the spy franchise is a daunting task. Just like the actors portraying the bed-hopping agent, everyone has their own opinion and personal favorite. In the end you’re never going to please everyone. So without further ado, I present to you my Top 10 Best James Bond theme song list? Hope you enjoy.

Top 10 James Bond Theme Songs

10. Another Way to Die (Quantum of Solace)

Singers: Jack White & Alicia Keys
James Bond: Daniel Craig
US Peak: 81
UK Peak: 9

For Daniel Craig’s second outing as 007, producers decided they needed not one, but two singers for the job. Alicia Keys and Jack White collaborated for first ever duet of the series. I love the juxtaposition of White and Keys’ style. Together, they make a mysterious and sultry song worthy of a 007 film.

9. Tomorrow Never Dies

Singer: Sheryl Crow
James Bond: Pierce Brosnan
US Peak: Did Not Chart
UK Peak: 12

Surprisingly, the “All I Wanna Do” singer’s breathy slinky delivery really lends itself for a Bond anthem. With her toned body, Crow could easily have been used as one of the signature silhouettes for the intro.

8. Licence to Kill

Singer: Gladys Knight
James Bond: Timothy Dalton
US Peak: 6
UK Peak: Did Not Chart

Definitely one of the more underrated theme songs in the franchise history. Knight’s soulful pipes signaled a new era in Bond history, marking Timothy Dalton’s debut in the iconic role.

7. GoldenEye

Singer: Tina Turner
James Bond: Pierce Brosnan
US Peak: Did Not Chart
UK Peak: 10

Love, love, love this song. Written by U2, Turner’s take on this track harkens back to the glory days of Bond theme songs when Shirley Bassey reigned supreme. Sad it never resonated with US radio.

6. Skyfall

Singer: Adele
James Bond: Daniel Craig
US Peak: 8
UK Peak: 2

Picking Adele to sing the title track was a no-brainer. She’s current and churns out smash hits. Plus, she continues the long tradition of UK singers lending their voices for 007 including Tom Jones, Paul McCartney, Shirley Bassey, LuLu and faux Brit Madonna. LOL. Obviously, I kid about the last one.

5. Live and Let Die

Singer: Paul McCartney & Wings
James Bond: Roger Moore
US Peak: 2
UK Peak: 7

You know a song is great when you instantly hum the hook the second you read the title. Then follow it up with an air guitar move. Classic track.

4. A View To A Kill

Singer: Duran Duran
James Bond: Roger Moore
US Peak: 1
UK Peak: 2

Believe it or not, it’s the only James Bond theme song to hit Billboard Hot 100’s No. 1 slot. Some really hate the Duran Duran contribution to the series, but I love it. It suits the 80s perfectly.

3. Nobody Does It Better (The Spy Who Loved Me)

Singer: Carly Simon
James Bond: Roger Moore
US Peak: 2
UK Peak: 7

This Carly Simon ballad is so good it was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Song and used for a Fleecy fabric softener commercial. Now that’s versatility. I’m a huge fan of Simon so naturally this had to land in the Top 3.

2. For Your Eyes Only

Singer: Sheena Easton
James Bond: Roger Moore
US Peak: 4
UK Peak: 8

I have to admit, Moore is one of my favorite Bonds, if not my favorite. To say, I’ve seen this film several times would be an understatement. This song was a worldwide hit and remains one of Sheena Easton’s biggest hits. She definitely kicks her fellow Scots’ respective butts (Lulu & Garbage) with regards to Bond theme songs. If I was an American Idol contestant this would be my choice to sing during movie theme week.

1. Diamonds Are Forever

Singer: Shirley Bassey
James Bond: Sean Connery
US Peak: 57
UK Peak: 38

Between you and I, I could’ve easily put Shirley Bassey’s “Goldfinger” and “Diamonds Are Forever” in the 1-2 slot, but decided to only give the singer one. Guess which one won out? LOL. This should be the archetype of what every Bond song should embody. Bassey’s brassy big and slinky delivery is absolute perfection. No wonder producers hired Shirley a record three times for the spy franchise.

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Worst James Bond Theme Songs

After narrowing down the field to a few misses, I couldn’t decide between these two offenders. Please help me decide between the greater of two evils.

The Living Daylights

Singer: a-ha
James Bond: Timothy Dalton
US Peak: Did Not Chart
UK Peak: 5

If there was ever any doubt that a-ha was a one hit wonder, this trainwreck should seal the deal. It’s a poor man’s Duran Duran “A View To A Kill” and an even poorer man’s version of their “Take On Me” global smash.

Die Another Day

Singer: Madonna
James Bond: Pierce Brosnan
US Peak: 8
UK Peak: 3

Producers courted the “Material Girl” many times for the Bond films. They eventually won her over by giving her a cameo in the film. This is the ONLY time in Madonna’s film career that her acting was better than her soundtrack contribution. HAHA. Truth be told, it’s not a bad song just not for a Bond film. I’m sure producers regretted their pursuit of Madge after this abysmal track.

Honorable Mention

If You Asked Me To (Licence to Kill)

Singer: Patti Labelle
James Bond: Timothy Dalton
US Peak: 79
UK Peak: N/A

Several Bond films have two signature songs, but only one official theme song. Labelle’s track was used in the closing credits of the film. Her version did well on the R&B charts, but it wasn’t until Celine Dion’s cover that people fell in love with the ballad.

Now that I’ve shared my favorite and least favorite Bond theme songs, I’d love to hear yours. Do you disagree with any of my choices? Sound off below.