You’re probably wondering why I’m writing about Gap… I would be wondering that too. Personally, I haven’t stepped into a Gap store for years and years. Perhaps it was something about the cookie-cutter, bland clothing that I got bored of. Either that or their commercials stopped luring me in because they stopped making them, focussing on Oldy Navy instead. I’m guessing I’m not the only one though who doesn’t shop there anymore. Gap just announced that it will shrink its chain of Gap stores in North America to 700 by the end of 2013, down 189, or 21%, from the 889 stores open at the end of June. Not the end of the world for them. The company still owns Old Navy and Banana Republic.

Thinking about Gap made me remember how good their TV commercials were. It was an incredibly simple formula: Get some hot models and put them in front of a white background. Get them to mouth the words to a classic song, and on occasion, make it a dance number. Either that, or get some celebrities dancing. Check out some of my favorite Gap Commercials below.

10. Claire Danes & Patrick Wilson – “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better”

Whoa! I didn’t remember Patrick Wilson being in this! In the past couple years, this DILF is definitely gone from “also starring” to Hollywood A-List. It’s such a cute commercial.

9. Daft Punk & Juliette Lewis – “Digital Love”

Yes, that actually is Daft Punk under those masks, dancing with Juliette Lewis to one of their songs, “Digital Love”.

8. Madonna & Missy Elliott – “Get Into The Groove”

This was quite the highly anticipated commercial, with these two superstars collaborating together. This was around the time of the “Britney-Madonna” MTV kiss performance, that Missy Elliott was also a part of.

7. Will Kemp

Sexy model turned actor, Will Kemp goes solo in his own Gap commercial. The scruffy, sexy guy shakes his money maker and dancing like nobody’s watching.

6. “Khaki A-Go-Go”

I love the choreography in this one! The music also sounds like something you’d find in an Austin Powers movie. So is the dance for that matter.

5. Kenny Wormald “Christmas”

The dancing and choreography in this one is white incredible. Kenny Wormald, who you may recognize in this commercial, is the lead in the remake of Footloose which is currently in theaters.

4. West Side Story – “Cool”

Though the quality of this version isn’t the greatest, this commercial was very “cool,” especially considering they used the original choreography from the hit musical.

3. “Khaki Swing”

My favorite Gap commercials aren’t actually the ones with the celebrities. They are the ones like this one, like I mentioned where there’s a bit of dancing and a great song. Simple and effective.

2. “Everybody In Leather”

This is one of those “mouthing the lyrics” ones that I liked, but I also enjoy this one for the hideous outfits they are all wearing. Times have definitely changed.

1. “Mellow Yellow”

Definitely my favorite Gap commercial. Such a great song and it got stuck in my head all the time. When I think back to Gap commercials, this is the first one that comes to mind and is probably the one responsible for brainwashing me to shop at their store back in the day. LOL.

I’m sure I’m probably forgetting some good ones, but it’s been a while. What’s your favorite Gap commercial?