Model Behavior: Bernardo Velasco

Thanks to everyone for making my first “Model Behavior” post such a success. I knew my first selection was going to be a hit, because James Besteman is such a good looking guy. What I didn’t expect, was to receive a flurry of text messages the next day from a few friends (who’ll remain nameless) whom… let’s just say “know” Besteman. I wonder if I can go two for two with this week’s post. So if anyone “knows” Bernardo, give me a shout.

Bernardo Velasco is fashion and commercial model from Brazil. Quel surpis! It must be a crime to live in that country and not be scorching hot. I seriously have to look into getting a work visa to live there for a few years and gawk at the hot men 24/7. The 24-year-old stud was born in Niteroi, Brazil. He has a degree in Physical Education from UFRJ (Rio de Janeiro Federal University) . It’s obvious he’s used his education to perfect his scorching sculpted body. His biggest shoots to date include Diesel, Junior Magazine and The Boy.


Height: 5’10”
Waist: 31
Chest: 39
Suit: 38M
Shoe: 41
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

He says he eats everything and loves pasta and other carbs. Such a b*tch.

Someone call 911. It’s about to get hot in herrrrrre.

Looks like he needs a little help “hosing” down.

He looks so natural with ball(s) on his chest. Comparing the previous pics to this, it’s evident this one is stuffed.

What do you prefer? Clothes on or clothes off? PS. I always wear my parka with my speedos (right). Do you?

“Pitcher” or “catcher”? I say vers.

He sure loves dressing up. Do you prefer sexy cop or sexy lumberjack? I pick the latter. There’s no better feeling than “chopping wood”.

Calvin Kleins are his favorite underwear. I would too, if they hugged me like that.

It’s easy to get distracted by his sexy bod, but he has a handsome face to match.

Even when he’s paired up with another shirtless male model, Bernardo pops out.

No question about it, he’s a perfect 10.

If he has an itch, I can help scratch it.

My, oh my. What good blowing (bubble gum) skills you have.

His favorite James Bond is Pierce Brosnan. Yes, I know I’m stretching with that. I couldn’t think of anything else to caption the pic.

After viewing a few pics of Bernardo, I have to say I like him better with the facial hair than not. Do you agree?

Eats whatever he wants, and doesn’t do much cardio, my ass. I bet he does 1000 sit-ups a night to work those sexy adidas trunks.

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  • KJ

    The guy on the left is Lucas Malvacini…who is the same guy WITH BERNARDO in LEFT pic here: (the guy with Bernardo in the right pic is Renato Ferreira)

    YAY! I love BERNARDO! Why are Brazilians steamingly perfect??!!!

  • ewan

    those eyes! he is beautiful…

  • Leop

    hot single young laDdy looking for chat

  • Francisco José

    Eu queria saber se o Bernardo Velasco é do Estado de Alagoas. É um dos melhores, ou o melhor modelo que já ví. By Francisco!

  • Unscathed69

    I love this guy! I can’t stop drooling while looking at his pictures..

  • Stix

    of course Latinos are hot. and he’s hot too

  • Alex

    would love if you can do another update on Bernardo, he is my FAV !!!

  • ble

    hahahaha. he looks beautiful

  • FYI

    He actually has a leaked cam video! A solo act!

  • Sam I Am

    whats the link?