Insta-Stud: Benjamin Mudge

If muscular legs are your thing, this latest Insta-Stud feature is the one for you. Dude clearly doesn’t skip leg day. No gangly limbs here.

Benjamin Mudge is a model and personal trainer from Belfast, United Kingdom. He claims to have been underweight for most of his childhood and teenage years due to suffering from cystic fibrosis. You would’ve never guessed. Dude is swole with muscles coming out of every part of his fine body. And if his physical traits weren’t enough, his thick Irish accent is total boner material.

Check out plenty of pics of Mudge below. And if you’re looking to beef up or trim down, why not try out his online coaching.

Taking Suns out guns out very seriously. #sun #sunsoutgunsout #sunny #belfast #vitamind

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New video is up! Ever tried #crossfit ? Let me know what you think? Check out the video ?Link in my bio ?

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Tracking my calories for the last 13 days! Need to get to under 80kg for this strongman competition. Things are going well!

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For more pics, follow @benmudgefitness on Instagram.

  • Nozuka

    Damn he is hot. Hope he goes back to the shorter hair.

    Sidenote: i feel like the homorazzi staff stopped reacting to user comments, since switching to the new webdesign… which is sad.

  • Benny

    which comments?
    i always wondered why it is, that there are next to no comments on this website. I suppose there’s quite a decent readership?