Benjamin Godfre Takes It ALL Off For Todd Sanfield

Not too long ago, I wrote about the extremely sexy Todd Sanfield‘s new book called Hotel | Motel by photographer Kevin McDermott. Now, two worlds have collided with the sexy Benjamin Godfre endorsing and literally stripping down for Todd Sanfield’s underwear line.

In the following video, Godfre is in Todd Sanfield Underwear and talking to the camera through a mirror as someone else films (It looks like he’s in a hotel room). He lists the reasons why he likes the underwear and why he’ll be wearing them all the time now. That being said, towards the end, he mentions that there’s one problem. When he’s wearing the underwear, he’s not naked. So, he changes that.

In my fantasy, Todd Sanfield is actually filming Godfre in this video and after filming is done… Anyway, enjoy the video below.

  • gato

    Hot guy, stupid “ad”

  • tommy

    Benjamin is adorable, dunno about the undies. A model designs undies? Todd can’t appear in his own vids – his body is rockin’ but his voice is on helium…