The sexy Benjamin Godfre just announced that he’s launching a new website, doing away with what he had called Intersanctum before and introducing The Diamond Lounge. To kick off the launch, Godfre posted naked pictures of himself and Big Brother 5 star Will Wikle, photographed by Rolling-Blackouts Photography.

“We are properly starting off the new website with these scorching HOT images by Rolling-Blackouts feat. Will Wikle. Will is famous for being on the 5th season of Big Brother. During the day he’s an RN, and at night he’s pimping the NYC night scene. He’s also an awesome guy and a pleasure to work with. If you’re in NYC, make sure to go to one of his events and squeeze his ass. Tell him BG sent you. Enjoy! –bg”

In a short video included below, Godfre makes the announcement about the new site and the naked pictures and also gives fans a nice big wet kiss. Check out the video below, where I’ve also included a link to the nude photos.

Benjamin Godfre Introduces New Website

Check out the NSFW images at