Cosmetics Company Uses Men’s Bulges To Sell Mascara

You don’t see Maybelline taking this approach to sell mascara. I guess they’re just born with it 😉 Some companies though, need to rely on d-list celebrity peen to move inventory.

Benefit Cosmetics tapped a few hunky men including a couple of reality stars known for their huge packages to push their product. The women in the clip salivate on what you think is each guy’s healthy bulge, but in reality it’s what their stuffing in their crotches that have the ladies excited. That’s right, mascara apparently works great to pad your bulge if needed. Check out the clip below which features Jersey Shore‘s Vinny Guadagnino, Simon Rex (remember his porn video?) and other tasty looking men.

Real Men Don’t Fake It (by Benefit Cosmetics)

  • Kenny

    haha 🙂 me like

  • justin

    i like it good ad. finally more objectification of men in advertisement. good concept too.

  • Oh wow, two of the people in that commercial I follow on Vine and another is a YouTuber friend of mine! XD

  • The brunette with the hot guy in jeans is Brittany Furlan. She’s hilarious on Vine. 🙂

  • ads

    was that a head in 0:38?? lol

  • jolincas

    Who is the guy in the Surf suit? He is gorgeous.
    I love how they objectify men. Women always get objectify in ads, it’s about time it was the other way around.

  • Mikey M

    What a great idea to hide mascara in your jock.