Sports Stud: Ben Foden

This week, I’ve decided to highlight a sexy 27-year-old rugby player from England as the Sports Stud, and his name is Ben Foden. Some of you may recognize him from the sport or from some of the sexy calendars he’s done in the past. He’s pretty well known in the sport and also for his good looks. He plays at fullback or scrum-half, but can also operate on the wing. He plays for Northampton Saints and England.

Foden did have a little scandal earlier while celebrating his stag at a Barcelona strip club. He stripped on stage along with the strippers and photos surfaced online to prove it. Needless to say his fiancée Una Healy was not too thrilled. I’ve included a blurred out photo of his naughty behavior below.

Regardless of the incident, they got married as planned on June 30, 2012 in Ireland. They have a baby girl that was born in March and they look like such a cute family. Also included a photo of the three of them below.

Foden doing his thing on the field.

Here he is posing for a calendar on the left (my birthday month) and looking hot & scruffy on the right.

Such a DILF in this photo!

As promised, the adorable family “Instagram” photo.

Looking effing hot & sweaty on the field.

Not only does he look good on the field, but also on the red carpet. Woof!

A closer look at his handsome features.

And I saved the best for last. Enjoy!

  • dpnhrd

    Where can we find the uncensored version of that last pic! LOL!

  • Rob

    Damn his hot. Una’s such a lucky beyotch 😛

  • Martin

    that is a photoshopped last photo…..

  • Eddie

    this dude is perfect !!!

  • last photo is perfect,brave,really man.So satisfy.