Who’s ABC’s Next Bachelor?

An announcement has yet to be made but apparently, there are three men in the running to become ABC’s next Bachelor, and the final decision (according to a source) has already been reached. However, it doesn’t stop me from weighing out all the options of the men before I tell who’s probably nailed the top spot. Let’s begin.

Ames Brown was a favorite of mine during the latest season of The Bachelorette, however it was his game play on The Bachelor Pad that truly won me over. During his few episodes on the show, he got romantically involved with Jackie Gordon and when she was eliminated, he followed after her to be with her stating that the two of them truly won Bachelor Pad in finding love with each other. Aww, so sweet. Where was Ames’ romantic side like this during The Bachelorette? With his new found love, he’s clearly out as The Bachelor. Moving on.

Ryan Park was my early favorite during the courting of Ashley Hebert. His positive attitude and adorable smile made me a fan but his endearing attitude turned out to be a big annoyance for the alpha males also competing for Ashley’s love. While Ryan got the boot before hometown dates, he did try to make one last effort by flying to Ashley’s final destination to try and win her heart. Unfortunately for him, his efforts were in vain. Will Ryan be the next Bachelor?

Ultimately, it looks like runner-up to Ashley’s heart, Ben Flajnik will be the next Bachelor according to a source close to the show. What makes Ben a no-fun Bachelor to watch (much like Brad Womack) is that he takes a long time to build trust and love with someone and feels like it’s never the right time to bring up the “L” word. Hopefully, he can get over his fear and make some lucky lady very happy. After Ben got the shaft from Ashley, it was rumored that Jennifer Love Hewitt and he went on a date. He later shot down the allegations as rumors.

Are you happy with ABC’s choice of Ben Flajnik as the next Bachelor? Or, would you rather see someone else take the place. Vote below.

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