I have to say I was a little surprised with Entertainment Weekly’s choice of Entertainer of the Year. There’s no denying Ben Affleck’s political thriller Argo is fantastic, but to earn the EW’s top spot… I’m not so sure. Helping his cause somewhat is probably his rise after making a series of flops including Gigli and Jersey Girl. Holllywood loves a comeback. His directing effort will undoubtedly bring him back to the Academy Awards- 15 years after a fresh-faced Affleck won for Good Will Hunting.

In the issue, Affleck is given praise by Argo producer George Clooney. The silver fox isn’t the only one giving an All-Star Tribute. Jamie Foxx showers Kerry Washington with love, while Jimmy Fallon talks up the awesomeness that is Anne Hathaway. Here are a few other tributes:

Charlize Theron on Jennifer Lawrence

“How is it that she can just stand there, not saying a word, and make us feel so much? Her talent is undeniable, and she is a force to be reckoned with.”

Aziz Ansari on Showtime’s Homeland

“The turns are unexpectedly sharp, and the season’s plot has been aggressively paced in the best way. To put it bluntly, crazy s— just keeps happening.”

Nathan Fillion on Avenger’s director Josh Whedon

“He does what he does for the right reasons: this guy loves telling stories…. There are millions of people who’ve known of his talent for years, thanks to Buffy, Angel, and Firefly. Now it seems like everybody knows.”

Not to be outdone, Chris Hemsworth also received an accolade from a publication. Empire Magazine bestowed Man of the Year honors to the 29-year-old Australian. This isn’t the first Man of the Year title the Thor actor has earned this year. GQ Australia recently gave the cover and year honor to Australia’s hunkiest son. Check out a few quotes from his Empire interview below, including how he feels about being named Man of the Year.

On Being Named Man of The Year

“It’s pretty funny. It’s very nice and thank you very much, firstly. I was just discussing this — like, what does that mean? Man Of The Year? I’d love to be man of the house but with my wife [Elsa Pataky] and now my daughter [India] I don’t think I’ll ever hold that title! They certainly run the show. But any sort of indication that people like what you’re doing, and which in turn allows me to keep doing it, is a huge plus.”

On How Different Is Different From Co-Star Kristen Stewart’s

“Um… I think it’s a different sort of fame. With the utmost respect, Twilight’s is certainly a teen audience, and there was such um… It’s that sort of, ah, what’s the word? Sort of hysterical kind of fan base, you know? Whereas Avengers is across all ages and people just love the films — all the Marvel films — and it’s a little different from what she experiences.”

On His Red Dawn Remake

“We all look about four or five years younger… We’ll be like Benjamin Button! We’ll just get younger as these films come out over the year… It was fun for that reason. There were, like, ten of us off to boot camp and weapons training and military training. We were all out in Detroit for four months and between the ages of 15 and 25.”