So sitting at dinner in Palm Springs a few weeks ago with a group of guys we like to refer to as the “A-Gays” – defined as the smart, sophisticated, classy gays, haha. There was all of these amazing, intellectual conversations going on about Prop 8 and gay marriage and politics and all sorts of things that were way over my head – being a 23 year old gay from a small town without much of a strong view on any political topic. All of these discussions I found fascinating and for the first time left me thinking for the first time, “how can I help people see gays in a more positive light?” or “what can I do to contribute?”.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, we definitely have it better than any gay man 20 years ago and being gay is so much more accepted now days, even kind of trendy (See Glee, modern family, etc). That being said, we do have a long way to go to reach true equality, with Prop 8 just being turned down and people still being killed for being gay in some parts of the world (Won’t be rushing off to Saudi Arabia anytime soon!)

So after talking to a great friend of mine, somewhat of a mentor actually, I asked him this question, “What can I do to make a difference? He told me one statement that was a total epiphany for me! He said all you have to do is come out. Come out and talk about being gay. Come out to as many people as humanly possible. Tell them about yourself and your life, and all the amazing things you have going – like dining with the A-Gays in Palm Springs one weekend, to attending the Oscars after party in LA, to doing photo shoots in South America. Also, tell them about the normal things in your life like your family and how accepting they are and how you’re a new uncle and how you go quading and fishing with your straight buddies on the weekends.

This concept was SO eye opening for me because the more people you simply talk to about being gay, the more people will become comfortable with it and the more they will tell other people. “Oh yea, I know this gay guy, he is really cool, and normal”.

I wanted to share this because I am not a big activist type but think this such a great way to make a difference! Easy right!

Submitted By: Mitch M.

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