Tuesday, January 26th 2010
I had my first breakdown of this new project of mine. So my friend Mia walks into the kitchen, and tells me that my roomate Kyle said I was eating bacon when I wasn’t supposed to. Which, for the record, was a complete lie. So I got a bit annoyed. Then I get a message from another friend saying a little birdie told me you ate bacon…and I snapped. Oh my god I snapped to hard and I don’t know why? Bacon shouldn’t be making me upset right? I mean, it’s the candy of meat!

I think the whole reason I was getting upset with it was because it was like I was getting in trouble with the principal or whatever, I was guilty until I proved myself to be innocent. The fucked up thing was that I’ve ACTUALLLY been doing somewhat OK. I’ve actually been getting up super early to go for a walk/run (I almost am running half of it now…that’s a big deal for me) around the lagoon. I’ve been trying to stay away from candy, and junk food, and bacon when I’m not allowed to eat it…so why did I snap?

Then, as soon as that was done, ANOTHER person sent me a message saying “So I hear you’re on a diet!” and I almost freaked…until I realised I posted last week that I was on a diet. Nice one Tommy.

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010
214.4 pounds. Going in the right direction. I keep hearing it’s all about diet and I get that, so I’m trying as hard as I can to not eat the stuff I usually eat, but god I am hungry all the time. I’m sure I’m getting hungrier and hungrier because my physical activity has increased, but how the fuck can you live on leaves? A salad is the most unfilling thing ever, and vegetables or a potobello are not good substitues for a steak or a burger. I would KILL for a burger right now, with bacon, and cheese.

Friday, January 29th, 2010, 10:00am
Today was the first day this week that I slept in. I didn’t wake up at 730 to go for a run because I have a walk thorugh at SNFW at 11. My roomate got a membership and now they are calling me non stop to go and and have 3 free workouts and 1 free trainer sesh. Funny thing, sleeping in and being lazy SO MUCH EASIER than getting up and getting active. Falling back into my old way is very very tempting, and is very very easy to do. Luckily I always keep my appointments so I gotta go see this peppy australian chick. I might kill her, fair warning.

12:00pm – OK so I got back from SNFW, and she weighed me and did that whole body testing thing. Good news and bad news. Good news is my bathroom scale was probably off because the weight she gave me is less than what bathroom scale gave me. Unless I lost another 5 pounds since Wednesday which I find hard to believe.

Bad news is my bodyt fat % and BMI is up there…I’m laying it down on the line.

Weight 209.4lbs
Fat % 30.1% (WAHHH WAHHH)
Fat to lose – 26.4 lbs

Let’s put it into perpective. My fat % should be between 8%(haha YEAH RIGHT) and 20%.
My BMI (Bodymass Index) should for normal weight be between 18.5 – 24.9. Above that is overweight.

AND AS PROMISED! HERE ARE MY HONEST PHOTOS! NO SUCKING IN NO PHOTOSHOP! TURN BACK RIGHT NOW IF YOU SCURRRRED! I swore I would never take in the mirror bathroom pictures as long as I live so I’m breaking a serious cardinal rule of mine.